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Bad Feedback by Client


I provided the work to my client according to his exact requirement. But instead of giving me 5 stars, he dropped 3 stars me. Its really frustrating. Is there anyway to report ?

Olivia Skye


Why would you want to report a buyer for giving you a 3 star? There must be a reason he rated you with a 3 star.
FYI buyers rate the overall experience, communication and they are also asked if they would buy again.


He told me that he is fully satisfied. I given unlimited revisions so if there any problem exists then he must let me know about that. But he asked me that he is satisfied and given 3 stars, which is not fair.


Before you decide to contact Support.

You may want to communicate with your buyer whether the rating he submitted was due to lack of any service you have provided.

Be professional, calm and courteous in ALL correspondence with the buyer.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:


There are clients who never give a 5 star rating. Maybe he wouldn’t buy again. I wouldn’t worry about it. Even if you would complain to CS they would not remove the feedback.


Thank you for replying.


I talked to him, he says that i am satisfied with your work but i will never give you 5 stars. Even He didn’t told me the reason of giving the 3 stars.


It seems like he MAYBE one of those people Anna has mentioned above.

I would not try to further provoke this buyer by asking him anymore questions. Because he has the ability to report you to customer service for spam at that point.

If you feel this is unfair, you may wish to not do any further business with him and let him know that in the event he wishes to order from you again.
This is for your personal gratification and nothing more.


Be petient. I faced ones the same problem but all the other buyers give me perfect review. Believe on yourself and try to get other new clients… just keep going on work…Best of luck for you.


That definitely is really frustrating. I got my first less than perfect review last week. I got 4 stars. I also have no idea why I got that lower rating. I delivered the work early. I did revisions when asked to. I went back and forth talking to this customer to make sure I perfectly understood what he was looking for. He left me 4 stars and then placed a second order the same day. No idea. I just let it go. I didn’t ask him about it. I figure the buyer has their reasons and all I can do is the best work that I can. I won’t ever be able to please everyone no matter how great a job I do.


Some people need that sense of power over another and this lets them use that. It’s a heady experience for them.


Yes they do. But it is not right! Whatever reason they may have will not be reasonable. It it a clear case of unfairness.


Whatever heady experience they want should remain in their head and imagination. They don’t really have to be offensive and bossy to feel good.


Buyer have full rights to give any rating as buyer do feel about your service. report will not work. communicate with your buyer about his feedback :slight_smile:


So, @yteam130 , you’re saying that it’s not okay for buyers to have their own opinions and views on things, unless that opinion or view results in a 5-star review? How is that fair?


The seller is in his danger zone of communicating with his buyer. This buyer is determined never to see anyone as perfect to his taste. If he keeps contacting this buyer, chances are that the buyer will report him for spamming, or even worse, reduce the rating and leave a seriously discouraging comment, and will leave it so. This may make things worse.

If it’s so important to the seller, letting the CS know about the issue forehand is safest. Whether or whether not they do anything about it, it’s worth the try.

@jonbaas, if the buyer feels dissatisfied about anything, he can let the seller know about it to see if he could do something about the ish. Besides, the seller offered unlimited revision. In the case where the seller can’t handle the ish, it is somewhat okay and a bit logically fine to give a not perfect rating. However, in this case, the seller satisfied every stated need by the buyer. The buyer also confirmed that he was satisfied. What now is the buyer’s justification for the poor rating?


Do you really need justification? The buyer can post any review they wish, with however many stars they wish. That is how Fiverr works.


You would have to open a careful dialog with the buyer to find out.


Yap, you’re right. That’s how Fiverr works.


Hmmm… Maybe in your area life is always fair and reasonable, but so far that’s not been my experience.

We’ve all had them. I remember my first guy who said “I don’t give 5 stars…” In his mind nothing is “Perfect” and that was his concept of 5 stars.

The trick is to move on as quickly as possible (not news to you), and make the next gigs excellent, so over time it simply doesn’t matter (because you have plenty of positive, 5 star ratings.)

In the early stages, higher ratings ARE helpful, but if you get enough going, a single “just OK” or worse rating doesn’t make a difference, as long as that’s the exception.

Almost EVERYBODY gets a few lower ratings… if they haven’t had them yet, they probably haven’t done enough.

It would be different if you get a set of lower ratings, then it does matter.