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Bad feedback dispute


I got a gig request and it seemed all good until the buyer wanted me to lie about where i purchased my skateboard, after that i checked out his website which looked skeptical and i simply told him I didn’t wanna lie and my reputation is on the line, according to fivers support the lady said its an automatic bad rating when they cancel, its annoying and I’m being punished for protecting the consumers from an obvious scam. Anyways fiver wont help me and the people wont take back their rating, leaving us with a new way to destroy peoples ratings on good gigs and or bad gigs, smh…smh.


I’m sorry this happened to you. It was wise of you to turn it down, if, you didn’t feel right about it. Was this a mutual cancellation? I’ve only had mutual ones & I didn’t receive a bad rating for them. Perhaps that happens if it’s a forced cancellation.