Bad Feedback From Scam Artist



We have been on Fiverr for over 5 years and had a buyer order our basic $5 gig, he then claimed it was no good and demanded us to offer our extra’s at the same $5 gig. When we said we will not offer all of our extra’s at our basic gig price. He then said he would give us very bad feedback if we didn’t do it.

We declined to do it, as he said he took his basic $5 gig and left us a 1 star and said we are garbage, I have had a 100% rating on Fiverr with over 2k in sales. This is a new fiverr scam that people are doing to sellers. We have sent a notify to fiverr support to see if there is anyway to ban this customer from buying and to also remove the bad scam feedback.

Lets see what Fiverr does with it, I will keep you posted!

Here is the sam artist, so if he buys from you, delete him.

Did anyone else have this happen to them? Please let me know!

Thanks and Goodluck!


Hey Wes,

If you will contact customer support take all screenshot of your conversation with him and send in CS otherwise they will not remove your 1 star. Only if you have enough proof that your buyer requested more work than you offer for that price, maybe fiverr will consider to remove the 1 star review.

By the way, fiverr forum terms don’t allow to add buyer link or username so please edit your post before moderators will flag it.


Hi Wes,

Don’t bother with him. It’s obvious that he is a scammer. Even if you offered him everything for the basic $5 he would leave you a one-star review anyways. We all have dealt with clients like that in the past.

You did great by contacting customer support. In case you haven’t sent them print screens of the blackmail please do it so customer support can see that he/she treated you that way. Even if they don’t delete the review you still have a lot of positive reviews and one review doesn’t mean anything bad.

Don’t forget to take out the link of the buyer as that’s against the forum rules. We should never posts links from sellers/buyers here nor their usernames.


Thank You!

I Removed the name.



Went on your profile and could not even find the one star review. When was this from?


Fiverr Took It Down. The buyer has been known for doing this before.

Thanks Fiverr! Rock On!



Fiverr did a great job and has removed the feedback.


Awesome. Just keep doing great work and forget about those scammers