Bad feedback


I have a customer who is currently threatening me with bad feedback unless i do further work free, I am guessing this is a common scam.


Order #FO41D99EB962 is the order number.


The order is ongoing, posting here for evidential purposes, not support.


Reply to @kjblynx: I realise you are not customer support, (on the sellers forum), thanks for the tip.


You should report this to Customer Support.

When you take a ticket you can mention whether you are a buyer or a seller. When filling out the form you always have to mention the order number and whether you are a seller or a buyer and proceed from there.


Reply to @smoking_cat: Posting here is NOT for evidential purposes. Take a screen shot and send it to Customer Support. Since buyers cannot delete messages sent to you, you will have proof.


Reply to @kjblynx: did you like your own post? seriously wtf


Why is this thread posted under “Bugs”? Could one of the moderators move it, perhaps to “The Ranting Pot”?


Reply to @cheezees: Story ends, I refused to do extra work for slippery buyer, buyer left no feedback.

Thank you ladie(s) for your input, it was invaluable.