Bad Fiverr Experience so far for Web Traffic / Marketing Gigs


Hi All,

I just wanted to share with you my poor experience on Fiverr and also asking if that is something you found common when you hire people in Digital Marketing.
I wanted to do a test, to see the level of quality of 2 gigs and both were at number zero, basically worthless.

One gig promoted backlinks, actually, HQ (High Quality) backlinks from around the work. It ends up to be a black hat SEO where the seller used urls redirect injection to simulate backlink traffic. Very bad. This seller still works on Fiverr with the same GIG and there are also people who are happy with the service, maybe because they don’t have a clue about what they got. By the way I have 10 years experience working in Marketing so I have at this stage little bit of understanding of my work :slight_smile:

Another Seller promoted to provide 40K traffic to a website, “Real” traffic. It turned out the traffic is 100 fake. Seller gives you a link shortener were you can see lots of clicks from coming from different well-known websites such as Linkedin, Facebook, etc. Unfortunately, all the clicks are generated from bots which then doesn’t generate sessions to your website. If you are not aware of this, maybe because you don’t have the experience you might be happy but actually check on Google Analytics and your traffic is not improved.

I have the impression that checking these gigs on SEO and Digital Marketing sounds with the same note of fake traffic, traffic bots and misleading gigs.

I am wondering why Fiverr doesn’t check properly on these sellers and when there is at least one buyer who leaves a negative feedback, they don’t investigate.




If a seller gets several negative reviews, buyers usually won’t buy anymore. It’s usually self-limiting.


Fiverr doesn’t check gigs or sellers aside from those with the Pro badge - perhaps you can check those but the price will be a little more than you paid.

Aside from that option, what you were looking for was just not going to work. Firstly, any type of buying links is BlackHat. Don’t believe me? Ask google.
Secondly, “driving traffic” is just nonsense and I would expect anyone with 10 years of marketing experience to recognise that as a waste of time.
Basics of marketing dictate that driving traffic won’t work.


Hi there,
thanks for your reply.
One seller, after delivering the “job” proposed me extra feature, free of charge, if I was giving 5 stars review :slight_smile:
For the other seller I couldn’t check because I just canceled the order (but Fiverr got commission anyway) because they weren’t working properly.
But yes, feedback is a good way too.


One seller, after delivering the “job” proposed me extra feature, free of charge, if I was giving 5 stars review :slight_smile:

Asking specifically for a 5 stars review is not allowed by Fiverr.


Hi there,
thanks for your comment.

Price it is something I didn’t mention and I didn’t use as metrics of comparison. I was referring to customer experience and bad quality of job.
If you quote me to do a job for 1 Euro, I then expect the job to be done and good. Because the job is worth 1 Euro then doesn’t have to be justified if the seller doesn’t deliver well. It is the responsibility of the seller to price the job correctly.
Also it doesn’t mean that if you charge 22 Euro for your marketing consultancy it is better than a 5 Euro consultancy from India. It is all depend on how is the cost of life, like… Dublin :slight_smile:

For the Marketing part, what Google says I don’t care, usually novice marketers who invented themselves as consultants, the ones who do courses online and based on their opinion on “Google said this, Google said that” but the reality of marketing is different. It is like living in a dream world vs. living in the real World. And in the end if you work really in marketing you have clients who expect results $$$ , so they don’t care about what Google says.


In an ideal world you could expect that to be the case but the reality is very different. If someone offers you a Rolex for $20, do you think that it is just a good deal or because their cost cost of living is low? Do you consider that it might not be a real Rolex or that it might be coming from an illegal source? I imagine you would quickly dismiss it as being the latter.
Apply the same to backlinks - to get a link on a decent authority site will cost hundreds or more (still black hat) so why would you imagine that someone has a way to give you hundreds or thousands for a couple of dollars?
Applying it to traffic - Google Ads will cost you from a couple of cents to $50/click but you expect someone to be able to provide a large quantity of useful traffic for a couple of dollars? How?

I charge the price I do because that is what it is worth not because I live in Ireland. If I lived in Bangalore what I earn would go a lot further but I wouldn’t undersell myself because of it. This is a global marketplace and once you go beyond the beginners who just want a couple of dollars for doing anything, professionals who know what they are doing will charge what the market will pay for it, with a few exceptions.

Hmmm, this sounds like you are saying this is what I am which is rather insulting - especially considering that you are the marketing guy who tried to buy cheap traffic and links and were surprised when they were rubbish, not me.

You probably should - I was referring to things that Google the company themselves have said about backlinks.
Besides that, are you actually dismissing all the information that is out there online? Where do you get your information from? Your imagination? Your college education from 10+ years ago?
Atually “Asking Google” would have given you a lot of info about buying Links and Traffic and saved you your $10 or whatever.


If something sounds too good to be true then it probably isn’t.


This pretty much. 10,000 or more visitors for $5 does sound like too good, so there has to be a reason why and how you could get so many for so little amount of money. Usual reason is it’s fake traffic. Fake referrers are also commonly used, so bot views being masked as coming from search engines or popular social pages.

So avoid deals that sound too good, and you should be happy. So no unlimited amounts, but look for very limited amounts instead. Anything from 10 to 500 visitors for every $5 spent should be legitimate traffic, and high quality too the more expensive it is.


Thanks for your comment.
So Fiverr should check on each user to guarantee that it is not a scam and service is bad


so when this is the case, Fiverr should investigate on the seller or remove their bogus services.


It’s hopeless as a seller we always take buyer as a granted and do as they say mostly new seller its better to be aware for more critical stuation and i dont know about it so do as you think right all the best have fun…:slight_smile:


Thanks for your comment.

There is difference between Goods and Services. A Rolex is a branded item (good) made in Swiss, and follow a market price given by its brand positioning to the luxury segments. This means that its price is almost the same. A service is different and price is not the first key driver to establish the quality of the job In Dublin, you can ask a tiler or bricklayer for a quotation, some of them charged you 3 times more than others and still do a very bad job. If I base my decision on pricing I would not mathematically get the best job but rather I will check what job have done in the past.

Yep, that’s true. In the market these links would cost money.

I don’t expect someone giving me a backlink “worth” hundreds or thousands for a couple of dollars. Not sure why you are saying that. Therefore I mentioned “High Quality links” not “Backlinks that worth 1,000 $”.

I am not talking about PPC that’s is different. Price on cpc is another story. It shouldn’t be included as example. Yes I got your point on that. I am not expected for “useful” traffic, just traffic. So based on this, Fiverr should remove all listings that provide “large quantity” of traffic for a couple of dollars?

I am not insulting, I just saying that novice marketers borns from Coursera, Lynda and other DYI courses tends to be like parrots and use “Google said this,” in their phrases because they don’t have enough experience to tell their thoughts. So they hide behind what Google says as a way to back up their sentences.
I worked in the past (unfortunately) with these “marketers” who were pretending to know a lot on SEO and PPC just because they were reading what Google was saying and also watching youtube videos. Then when I was given them a task they were crying like babies because they didn’t even know where to go in Google Analytics to check the channels or they didn’t have a clue on what UTM codes was etc.
So if you are confident you are a Marketer with real experience outside Fiverr you should not feel this way, you should congratulate me that I have the guts to tell the truth about all these improvised marketers.

I do not dismiss all the information. I am very well knowledgeable about Google best practices. I get the information from my working experience as real marketer in a real company and also being a real Digital Marketing consultant for over 10 years. I am doing also Testing and research on Google Algorithm as part of projects with big companies (some of them sell SEO tools). We are testing backlinks of any kinds (hence I was interesting in those ones). But I also wanted to have few opinions on these services.
College education doesn’t give you any of this knowledge I earned on the field, only working with real and big companies and also being lucky to actually get my hands dirty.


Yep, actually I am having fun on this Forum :slight_smile: I see a lot of nice people and they are very interacting with me!



From your original post, it doesn’t sound like your method works very well.

But you paid a couple of dollars for them - how can those be high quality?

Why would anyone want traffic that is not useful?

Fiverr can do what they like, keep them, remove them - makes no difference to me. I just find it incredible that people who claim to be experienced and knowledgeable would actually buy those services.

You quoted my price, my city and my gig type - you were clearly referring to me despite the fact you have never dealt with me. That is insulting, regardless of whether you try to cover it up now.
Congratulations for having the guts to tell everyone that you bought rubbish thinking it would be useful and are now defending your decision to do this by trying to shift the blame to Fiverr instead of taking responsibility for your own decision…

You seem to have quite a large chip on your shoulder about Fiverr sellers. Makes me wonder why you came here in the first place. I can assure you that all of my Fiverr clients are real companies - I don’t work with affiliate marketers and the like. Companies I have worked for through Fiverr include all sizes and types, from the young plumber starting his own business to a national (government-funded) health service organization.
All pretty real. All of them know better than to buy cheap unbelievable services.


Hello there!

I have time during my breaks in my real job to reply to you. Thanks for entertain me! I was referring specifically to a bricklaying service which may cost more than 5 bucks and more than 22 Euro :slight_smile:

Google says … no, sorry that was not my sentence. There were probably not high quality, maybe quality? Still good for me (Real Marketer).

It depend on how you define useful traffic. I would expect traffic anyway (but please don’t tell Google).

Makes difference to me.
I find incredible that people who claim to know better than people who really work in Marketing pretend to know better based on what Google says.

I quoted your price, yes. As practical example. I should have put 23 Euro? I quoted your city as it is mine too, so that’s not included in the count. Gig type is something common among generic marketing services, but yes, I have to tell you that for the gig type I was thinking about yours. (But maybe I can blame on Fiverr because my mouse just slipped into your profile, so Fiverr shouldn’t let me allowed that).

I think, as I wrote before, if you feel insulted it means you feel yourself part of that group of people. If you are good at your job you shouldn’t care about my statement as I honestly I don’t care about your comments.
I am not covering up, not sure what you mean. Please let me know.

I am not shifting the blame on Fiverr. In fact, my point is that Fiver should check on these improvised fake marketers who pretend to offer marketing services (not consultancy…eh eh eh), I mean that kind of services like traffic etc. I didn’t think it would be useful. Where did I mention that? No idea.

That’s not a big deal too be honest. I just wanted to bring the attention to this community. I think I can survive having spend 4.47 Dollar for high quality, …I mean, quality…maybe just links :slight_smile:

Not sure what you referring to. I gave my opinion. You felt insulted, that’s your problem, not mine.

You mean here in the Forum? I wanted to share this experience with members of the community and meet people like you so that I can spend some time chatting. Don’t you feel the same? I feel it !

Again, it seems you are taking all this personal and you feel always touched by what I write. If your clients are real companies congratulations with you. What do you need from me? I was telling you that I work in a real company etc, etc. If you do the same fine with that.

that’s for sure, as once again I haven’t state that, so this is your comment not mine.

I think I might go to buy another cheap back link service here. Do you know any?


How is this thread even still going on?

Mc Donalds sells salad. Look at the ingredients and you’ll see its got more calories and artificial gunk in it than bodybuilder in a bath of Donald Trump after glow. Do people still buy it? Yes. Why? Because some people like to feel good about themselves and others simply don’t get that not everything in life is as hunky dory as the display picture.

Good question. Why don’t you ask them?


Sorry, I don’t - maybe ask Google?

oh, wait…


Firstly I want to sorry if I missunderstand the whole situation and will be talking not about your case. Don’t know exactly what Gig’s you bought. But when I decided to start working on Fiverr a was really worried about the reputation of SEO sellers on Fiverr. And was researching this cause and cases. And the final conclusion I made it’s not about the sellers it’s more about expectations. People are buying 5 $ Gigs and expecting 40k traffic real audience.

I am sure as a marketer you are understanding how hard and how much costs to bring such big audience in short time. It’s about thousands of dollars. For some niches, dozens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. No matters what type of sources you will use (excluding spam methods and if you have your own audience).

So my question is what did you expected bying this 40 k traffic ?

And this is not a complaint and I understand your indignation by such sellers. But the market creates such sellers, everybody want to buy magic pillow not to pay for hard work. And sellers feeling that and adjust to the market. And the market requires magic pills and money trees for 5 $

Technically he can even not cheat on you, and that’s real traffic and he means by this real humans not robots. It’s also possible using different black hat services or CAP sites. But that’s not real audience and it’s general trash traffic.

So I would reccomend to focus on real products with clear description what exacly you will achieve and seller will do.

Hope you will be more lucky with the sellers in the future. Best Regards.