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Bad gig 10 years ago, will it show if I restart now?

Hi guys! I recently started freelancing again in other places and finally logged back into my fiverr account after 10+ years as I heard it had improved and could be a good place to offer IT packages. Looking through my reviews I have four 5* and one 1* review, this was from back when everything had to cost $5…

I think I left it running when I logged off last time, so I never responded to the seller and they left a 1* review. My messages to the client aren’t showing (error loading) so I’m not even sure what happened

cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time!

If I was to start some more professional gigs on here will my bad review from 10 years ago show?

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Yes the reviews on your profile will still show even if you delete or pause the gig it was from, with the current account. You could ask CS whether you could close one account and create a new one - though you shouldn’t do that without permission.

The “cancelled order…” review is an automated review when the buyer accepts to cancel an order in “very late” status.

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Ahhh that’s annoying, so it’ll still show 4.2* publicly as well?

Do you know by chance if back then I had to actually accept the order or if it just went into the queue when a buyer chose it?

I wasn’t here back then but as far as I know sellers have never been given an “accept/decline” option for orders so I would assume it would have put it in the queue as soon as the buyer ordered it and clicked to start it, after filling in any necessary requirements.

Though there’s the option to make certain requirements mandatory before the order starts (but they could just type anything in those). I don’t know if that has always been like that.

Yes it will still show the 4.2 stars average publicly until you get higher ratings. Also a 4.2 avg will prevent you from sending offers to buyer requests I think (I think it has to be at least 4.5 avg to send those).