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Bad gig video audio (what's the fix?)

Hey all,

I’ve updates my gig video a little while ago and it looks and sounds great before I upload it but as soon as it goes live on the site the audio is horrible and I’m a voice over artist.

I’ve tried everything I could think of, anyone have a fix for this.

My gig was fine before but even when I upload my old gig the quality, only on the site, is now poor as well.


Hi! I don’t have a workaround, but thought I would share that what pron6ably causes this is how Fiverr compresses video.

If so, it is a similar issue to why Netflix videos tend to have low volume.

It’s frustrating that something Fiverr does wrong can reflect our image.

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Thank you!

Does anyone have a walk around for this?

Yes, Upload same video on YouTube in Full HD and mention URL in gig description, so if buyer want to see/listen original quality he/she can do so.

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Hi, check the length of your video and make sure it is below the maximum MB acceptable, if it is exactly required MB then try to reduce or compress it.

The quality won’t be as bad to a buyer as you think. I’m also a VO and I’ve never had a complaint about the sample audio.

Thanks for bringing this up! Aside from Gig Video audio issues, I’ve noticed that the Live Portfolio audio samples have been affected too. I’m also a VO seller and when I went back and reviewed my Live Portfolio, I can hear a clear difference between recent samples and those from a few weeks ago. My recording process and deliverables have not changed, but the clarity is noticeable different (at least to me).

I agree with @humanissocial that this misrepresentation of my services is frustrating. Regardless if potential buyers can hear the difference or not, it’s just not an accurate representation of what they can expect to receive.


Yes …i second that!!!

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I’ve noticed the exact same thing. Uploaded a new audio track to my profile yesterday and the quality was very poor. The ones I uploaded a couple of months ago were great. We should send feedback to Fiverr.

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I see there is still no fix as I’m having the exact same issue. Had updated one of my gig videos and it sounds compressed and horrible. I had a video on a different gig a few months ago and it sounded bounds better at least to me. One good thing at least was that my friend checked it out and he thought it sounded good but it’s still frustrating.


It’s the same for me… I updated my audio samples two days ago, two of the samples I had already used as portfolio samples here on Fiverr and they played back just fine before. Now they all sound horrible loosing all the high end and sounding boxy. I’ve contact the Fiverr support, but they are slow and does’nt seem to help very much. We should all send this and let Fiverr now that this is going around.


I’ve just contacted Fiverr support for this too! The audio quality is now horrendous and when we’re supposed to be showcasing what an audio with us would sound like…well it’s not great.


They are compressing the jeez out of it.
I created a new gig and tried multiple compressed formats with very little audio or picture loss. And yes it still stinks. My gig from a year ago sounds fine compressed with the same ratio at a 46.5mb file. It sounds worse than XM radio once uploaded. With it being a cloud based network I can’t fathom why they are doing this. They need to fix it.
“Make your gig video look stunning” Fiverr says. They need to add in small print -" We may however compress your video that you have worked hard on like a squeezed lemon :lemon:"

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I’ve contacted CS twice and they told me both times that nothing was wrong and it must be my audio… which it is clearly not, considering the sound is completely different after it uploads, like going from FM to AM radio. SOOOOOOOOOO frustrating. My sales have take a massive hit. If everyone here is experiencing the same audio issue I encourage you all to contact CS on a weekly basis until the issue is resolved. If everyone complains about it they’ll have to look into it and fix it.

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I have the same problem, cannot fathom what the problem is, sounds like my audio is muffled even though it sounded awesome while playing it back.

You need to send a message to fiverr support. They won’t fix anything until a substantial number of people complain. It’s been going on for a while, it’s not the way you’re recording it’s the site compressing it terribly and downgrading the audio quality.

Started a POLL for this -

I contacted CS as well. The more people contact them about this issue, the bigger chance we have of a solution.