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Bad "good" review.... Again

Hello guys, I’m having some awful experiences lately. Today I received another good “bad” review on one of my orders. After I delivered my product the buyer opened a revision that said:

Hello, I loved the drawing so much, could you make the glasses a bit yellower and add some grey highlights to the hair? Other than that its amazing! Flawless work, thank you

I start working on the revision which I provided for free and for his convenience I exported multiple versions of the artwork. He responds with - Perfect! Thank you!

Then he leaves a review that says “Good job!” but wait for it… 3.7 review. I’m so mad right now, kept him updated throughout the whole process, provided free revisions, did multiple versions just for his convenience, and for the experience that he described as “Perfect” and “Flawless work” I received a 3.7 review.

How would you respond to a review like that? Here is what I wrote, but I’m not sure if I should send it as a response to his review:

I don’t mean to complain, but you said the portrait was amazing and that you loved the drawing so I didn’t expect this review. As I am always trying to improve my business practices and ensure customer satisfaction, how could I have served you better?

How would you deal with this and do you have any tips on how to better my response? I want to imply that the buyer was satisfied with the work but he left a bad review but I want it to seem professional as well. Looking forward to your suggestions! Thank you guys!


Amazing, perfect and flawless don’t sound like a 3.7 indeed, but what can you do, some people are like that, some people manage to not push the right number of stars on their phone, whatever.

In any case, I’d not write a response like that, if you don’t mean to complain, then don’t complain, you know. I’d cut the “I don’t mean to … but …” bit and write something like “I’m glad you loved the drawing and found my work amazing and flawless, thank you for your order.” The first bit comes off as what you say you don’t want to do, and the buyer can’t respond to your response to the review, so the question in the end doesn’t make sense, either for the buyer or for potential buyers reading that review. Take the high ground.


I think you’ve dealt with it well.

I have one 1* review due to the fact the buyer was completely clueless about how the site even worked. I just left that one be and didn’t respond. It was kind of self-explanatory.

I also have two 3* ones. One of them I feel was deserved. It was a communication nightmare from the beginning to the end. I should’ve canceled right away and since I didn’t, I should’ve just bitten the bullet and plow through the dang thing with extra effort to understand the buyer’s wishes better. I just said: “Thank you” as a response to that one.

The other one was a semi-regular buyer who started to behave unreasonably and out of character out of sudden. I responded to that one with a brief explanation of what went down so other sellers would keep in mind potential (and sudden) communication issues.

You have to always keep in mind that sometimes buyers leave lower ratings by mistake, though. One of my favorite regulars left me 3.7* once. It was back when we as sellers could do something about it and request it to be changed so I did. Now I’d just leave it be. I just leave all of my ratings be at this point. It saves me from “all the 5* sellers buy their reviews!!!” people.


It one of the problems which should be addressed and be taken serious action by Fiverr staff ,not just because it would shine or unshine the seller’s profile with a few stars but because one such mistake or what I would probably refer as “contrary to his own words” action would cause nightmares to a Seller specially a New Seller and would effect his/her orders in the future

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Exactly. Review modification should be brought back. CS can review the cases and sellers that manipulate buyers should be punished, but if a buyer leaves a 2 star “Perfect service” review, we should be presented with an option to modify it. I received another 3.7 review a month ago from another user who wrote a long review where he thoroughly explains how my service was perfect and how I am the best seller he stumbled upon. And it sucks, knowing that someone was indeed satisfied and that they left a lower review than what they initially intended to leave. One day ago I posted another thread, I delivered a high-quality product to one of my clients, he left a 4-star review, some hours later he DM’d me saying - I wanted to give 5-stars but I just wrote the review and apparently it was automatically set to 4 stars. Is there anyway I can change that?

Well, I didn’t want to get some crazy warning so I just told him that he cannot modify it. And that sucks, because it was not the objective experience that the buyer had with me.

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Same happened with me once when the buyer gave me a contract to get drafted.He initially mentioned one app but later in the details said that he wanted two apps also their translation in Spanish. I was stunned by this but due to the fear of order cancellation I could Do nothing as it could have effected my delivery rate and i knew Fiverr CS is not well enough as it already declined my previous worthy request

But Wait Not Just that. After getting the delivery he asked me to explain a few points which i did perfectly but instead of giving a good review he wrote “It was really satisfying” with 4.3 stars … I mean are you kidding me man… This way he got a 30$ dollars project at the price of 10$ leaving me with 4.3 stars … This needs to be watched by our community members who always back the Fiverr policies and say that they are amazing and has no loopholes …

I’ve received a 1* glowing review in December and had full intention to keep it just because of how crazy it looked. Then the buyer showed up in my inbox being all overly emotional about the mistake, message after message. It was a bit much, to be honest.

I had to contact CS to ask them what to do with the guy. It was extremely nerve-wracking, just to wait whether they’ll slap me with a warning or not. They just said: “After reviewing the situation, we can see that this is clearly a mistake” and changed it to 5*.


Well 4.3 is on the good side in my opinion, but still, it becomes really problematic once it’s 3 and below.

I am really happy to hear that they were able to help you. That’s the awful part tho, it seems to be pretty much up to chance. You either get your review fixed or you get a goddamn warning. In my opinion warnings should be present when sellers are dumb enough to manipulate and guilt trip their buyers, however if a buyer expresses dissatisfaction with his own review or if the review does not objectively reflect his experience, let’s say 2.7-star review saying “Perfect and outstanding experience” I think that we should have an easy to access option so that we can handle this without feeling like we’re walking on thin ice. It’s really hard sometimes.

yeah but if your going with a straight 5 and someone gives you 4.3 it is meant to destroy your progress report