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Bad (?) hair day

This has nothing to do with Fiverr, just a silly topic to talk about.

I sometimes joke to my friends that
“God did not bless me with the beauty or the body of a supermodel, sadly I am not blessed with a genius brain either, but boy did he bless me with thick hair.”

I guess it’s the Asian genes. When a massage therapist in the US touched my hair to massage my neck, she said “I’ve been in this business for 17 years but this is the heaviest and thickest ponytail I’ve encountered.”

I’ll take that as a compliment.
Here’s the problem though, I’ve destroyed countless pins, hair elastics, plastic combs (I need to get a stainless steel one now…), and just last night my hair ate a metal hair stick.
I was looking at a youtube video and the title was something like “how to create a bun with a hairstick.”
At first I thought I succeeded, I looked at my hair in the mirror and it looked fine. A perfect round bun.

When I pulled out the hair stick though, I realized it was bent right in the center.
Awe dang.
I’m in the middle of growing my hair since I am planning to donate my hair and so my hair is longer and heavier and thicker than ever, but seriously???

Ladies ( or guys too of course) with super thick hair, do you have any fun stories?


Tangle city!

I miss a few things from when I had a buzz cut. Feeling a cool breeze on the back of my neck. Not getting whipped in the face with my hair when driving with the windows down. Showers being much quicker and requiring a lot less shampoo! :smile:

I’m happy my hairline isn’t receding, but boy, long, thick hair makes keying a green screen background a lot more complicated for my video work!


I’ve donated hair several times, but it’s not super thick. (Use to be, when I was younger.) I sympathize with the breaking hair-ties, but otherwise nothing worse than broken brush handles, which I’m pretty sure are just a case of general use. Shampoo, on the other hand, I have noticed I go through a tad faster.

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My hair is fine, but beauticians have always commented on how thick it is. However, that was long ago and I think it is not as thick as it once was. One thing I have noticed though is that since I started taking magnesium supplements, my hair will grow longer than it used to.

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I’m thinking of braiding my hair to prevent it from tangling…it does get nice and breezy around the neck area for sure.

I snapped a plastic comb in the half the day I bought it. I guess Daiso combs are not strong enough…When I told my friends I’m getting a metal comb, they teased me saying that I’m using a lice comb. Sheesh!

Hmmm, I might need to try that supplement someday!! :astonished: