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"bad keywords" but still ranking on "1st page"?(confusion)

we all know that getting your gig ranked on first page is too much difficult and everyone do his best to be on top of search results, we try best keywords, titles bla bla…
but I have seen some gigs from a very new sellers one of them is of my own niche(I cannot give link to their profile but it’s the username “**********” who joined fiverr even after me like in march 2020 and her gig is being ranked at first page of a very competitive keyword like video editing, I’ve seen her tags but nothing much special in her tags. Does anyone have any idea how such a new seller is ranking on top by visiting her profile. Please share some thoughts.

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don’t get confused, maybe she has completed here profile in such a manner i.e. have won the trust level of the platform to get herself displayed on the first page.

as you may know that Fiverr has level of trust for the freelancers, like Seller, Level 1, Level 2, and so on.

A newcomer seller stays in an evaluation period of 60 days. And by wondering on the platform for learning the setup etc. A seller can go to Level 1.

It’s all what I think, and by the way I could not see her under “video editing” search.

I haven’t heard of, completing your profile in some specific manner can display your gig at first page, If you want to share that manner, that would be highly appreciated.

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It was just a personal thought, learned by the community discussions. Don’t have any specific justification for that.


They will probably show differently depending on which user is searching.

Maybe the other user used the word “editing” more often in their gig description/package descriptions than you as well as in their gig title.

Maybe it also depends on stats, like how many deliveries the seller has made, number of reviews, rating, response rate and other dashboard stats, gig prices etc.


also fiverr gives chance to new level sellers to take them on first 3-4 pages to encourage them… May be i think so…


For sure it depends on stats, but how someone can build his stats without his gig being ranked(I mean it’s difficult to so much orders in so much little time without your gig being ranked), and gig is ranked by stats, Don’t you think that it’s like a circular process!

Yes! I have also seen that but I never got such a chance as I am also a new seller…

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you should do share your gigs on social media as much as you can. or also can share in between the comments in a youtube videos… Thats my home-made experience… just take it… hahaha :joy:

I don’t think so that someone is going to buy your services randomly through youtube comments, or facebook posts or other platforms like twitter etc among the pool of other gig promotional comments.

Stats was only one of the things I said. What you enter in the gig description, title and package descriptions will probably help decide how it is ranked (eg. how often certain words are repeated in the description, whether they are also in the title, maybe whereabouts in the description they are eg. higher up in the description could be better).

Some things (eg. informative package descriptions) might not just help with gig rank but with helping a buyer decide to buy, which could have a good effect on gig rank. Saying “online 24/7” might have a bad effect.

It’s possible that the percentage of the description that’s made up of a certain keyword might be taken into account (though it might not be - it might just take more into account the number of times the keyword is repeated, that’s probably why there’s a limitation on the number of times you can repeat words in the description).

eg. if you’ve only put “editing” once in your description and the other person has put it 4 times (and also added “edit”) in the description that keyword is likely to be seen as more important to the other gig than your gig so it will probably rank their gig higher for that keyword.

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Then which is the best source and place to share the gigs according to you.?

:sweat_smile: I’m still looking for that, too. I think that now a days, everyone knows that they can hire freelancers on freelancing sites like fiverr and can get quality work in affordable prices. so they aren’t going to search for freelancers on facebook or twitter. And people who are searching for freelancers on facebook and twitter etc are usually those who are looking for free work.
what are your thoughts about that?

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It’s recommended to use tags different from the gig title. You can check the tag if it’s working by putting it on this URL:
(put the tag on the end of link)
Note if the URL redirects you to the search page it means that tag isn’t exists and don’t use it.

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yea… I think so. But many of the freelancers are also youtubers so, its a big help for them to share their gigs by self in their video description. hahaha

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You have mentioned before the name and I checked and she was not on the first page either for the keywords or in her category. Maybe you see something different from what I saw.

And if you click on a gig, many times then you will see it on the first page even though no one else does.

She DID have 8 orders in her queue which is very good for someone who has been here one month. But her gig offers a lot for just $10.

I also wonder why you are so focused on this one particular seller.
Why keep directing forum users to look at her profile?


The results is showed differently for every potential buyer that’s because fiverr platform uses “cookies”.

Cookies makes your online experience easier by saving browsing information.

Edit: for that we don’t need checking our gig ranking, its just a waste of time.


I think Gig’s search results are not the same everywhere!

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yes, tomorrow her gig was ranking at first page on this keyword “videoediting” but today it’s also not showing in my search results.
I used that gig just as an example, I know some other sellers too, but can’t mention because of community rules, there are some other gigs in my niche whose sellers joined after me, they didn’t used much different keywords from me but still they got ranked and they got a great opportunity to show-off their skills.

As you have seen her gig, she has 8-9 orders in queue which is a lot being a just a month old seller and I think that it’s not by the fact that she is offering too much in just 10$ because if it’s so then I’m offering about 3 times more than her in 10$.

I think that such gigs are hand-picked by fiverr to give them a chance, if it’s so then I’m also hopeful for myself to get such an amazing opportunity.

I liked her gig very much. It has a feeling of solidness. Somehow she projects that she knows what she is doing.