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Bad Month overall for me

I don’t write here quite often, but I just feel like sharing my sorrow. I feel like this month was bad - not only for my fiverr account but also socially and academically. I am gravely in pain because of the things going around me and it seems like even my orders and impressions have also declined. I am not complaining about anything just saying that I feel like things could’ve been better if I got some orders. It takes my mind away from things going around in my life. I am a screenplay writer and fiction is truly an escapism for me. It is the only solace for me, to imagine a plot, characters and even the story line brings great joy in my life. Anyhow, I was just missing it this month. I hope things will be better next month.


Hello, be glad you have work you enjoy at least when you do get it. That’s a great blessing. I’m thinking things will improve for you.


Well and woe come by turn, don’t just stay with that bad times. It’s a natural phenomena refresh yourself and start a new beginning @batman444


Hope things improve for you soon.


Dear Friends, Try Try and Try again you will be succeed at last… start work again with new energy …


Thank you so much everyone. I am glad I just expressed myself and it made me feel good. I am better now and things are also getting over. It is all a matter of time that hard times become good times. Thank you again.