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Bad order cancellation experience!

Hello everyone,
I hope all are doing well. first, I want to say thanks to Fiverr. they are giving us working opportunities a lot of amazing all over the world. every day we talk about lots of new buyers and we try to fulfill their regular requirements.
today I want to share one issue, before that, I want to tell that, last 4 months we successfully completed almost 750+ project. and we always try to 100% satisfaction with our clients. on this timeline canceled only 16 orders. and we are really careful about that.
let’s come to the point,
a few days ago one client knocks us for one graphics project. after discussing we take that order and it’s simple to work. and we are trying to take order after understanding the whole thing.
he gives us two examples and we make two designs like those. but after submitting that project he simply requested a revision. and he sends send us another two examples and said that please make like those. those examples are totally different! I mean he requests two new designs. after that, I protest him. but he said if you can’t then please refund, and he simply requests to cancel that project. and he makes clear this he gives the same project to two sellers at the same time. means he judge two sellers by the same work. I think it’s not good practice as well. finally, we cancel that project. I want to talk Fiverr support before canceling that project, but my younger stooped me.
now I want to ask all of you,

  1. you guys are also facing problems like this?
  2. if you are, then how could you overcome that or what we should do?

thanks by

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Never agree to cancel.

Your buyer wants to get more work for free. Explain that revisions mean adjustments to the graphics you already sent, not complete redesign (put that also in your gig description and/or FAQ). Send him an offer for the two extra graphics. Refuse to be blackmailed and stand your ground.

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thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

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