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Bad “PERFECT” reviews - Bring back the review modification

Hello guys! I know that nobody cares about this, but hear me out. I always strive to provide perfect service. For a single year I received 435 reviews, 421 of which are full 5 stars reviews. I can’t count how many all-nighters I did just to handle my orders well so that I could please my customers. Yesterday, a customer that I worked with left a 3.7 “PERFECT” review.

I provided multiple revisions as he changed his mind about his project on multiple occasions. The last message that I received from him was - Wow, this is so perfect, my words can’t describe it! AMAZING!
Then… He leaves this “positive” review on my gig:

Now, I wouldn’t mind getting the same review if someone was dissatisfied with my service, but when someone praises my work and is super amazed by the results it’s just wrong, I won’t lie - I’m pretty pissed right now and with Fiverr’s current policies I’m afraid to even ask him if it was by accident or not. I’m afraid to mention that I don’t want to work with him because of his bad review, but I may do it because it affects my profile directly and yes, in his eyes that will seem unprofessional, but these are the facts.

The thing is, if we don’t do mental gymnastics Fiverr is a review-driven system. A single review can affect your profile and there should be an option for review modification as literally someone can misclick and leave you a 3 star review. And yes, if that feature is implemented it should be supervised by CS - I am positive that the good sellers won’t attempt manipulating the buyers and if someone is - He should be penalized and held accountable.

What bothers me is that someone can literally misclick the stars if he’s operating from an android device and leave you a “THIS IS THE BEST SERVICE” 1 star review and we can do nothing about it.

You work your ass off and you delivered a perfect service and the client is perfectly satisfied with the results? Oh, wait, he was operating on an android device and he left you a 3 star “THIS IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT” review. You want to ask him what you did wrong? BAM! GET THIS TOS STRIKE FOR REVIEW MANIPULATION, YOU STUPID SELLER!

The lowest reviews that I received on my profile have been reviews that were left by perfectly satisfied buyers. Couple of months ago one buyer left a bad review on me again then he told me that it was unfair and he contacted CS. Guess what? I got a strike for it, which was then removed by CS after I contacted them numerous times and they concluded that I’m not in the wrong. What did they do besides removing the faulty strike? Nothing. The buyer wanted to change his review (On his own) but they didn’t change it/remove it.

Long story short - The review modification option should be a viable option as Fiverr is a review based system and literally any error can happen when a buyer is leaving a review. And yes the communication should be supervised by CS to strike down manipulative sellers. AND YES, I’m hella mad that I delivered a “PERFECT PRODUCT” and got a 3.7 review for it.

It can happen to anyone and we should stick together. Unfortunately, I’ll probably get the “There’s nothing you can do about it” responses by some of our fellow sellers who obey the current structure of the platform but I care about my business and I get pretty mad when I invest all of my time to deliver a perfect service to get 200 consecutive 5-star reviews for it to get ruined by a 3 star review on a “PERFECT” delivery, as described by the buyer. Fiverr is a review-driven platform and I really think that this is the most adequate thing to do/implement/bring back for the reasons I stated above. What are your thoughts on this?


I know you’re frustrated but… to bring back the old “review modification” would present more issues with unfair, unreasonable reviews from finicky buyers.

I’m okay with it as is - as far as that goes… but I am not a fan of the blind review system because it DOES present an unfair advantage for buyers…


Well, even if it’s not easily accessible as it was before there should be an option to modify the reviews. A couple of months ago I saw a 1 star “Best seller ever” type review. Imagine getting a 1 star from someone who was completely satisfied? Yes, it happens and yes - I think that we should be able to do something about it, especially when Fiverr is a platform that is review-driven As for the blind review system - I totally agree, that is another issue that should be addressed.

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The problem is - that the buyer would have to communicate the feedback error (if that was what it was) to CS (without you mentioning anything about it - to the buyer - or you risk a flag :triangular_flag_on_post: warning)… and CS would have to be willing to modify it.

I have had buyers tell me “Ooops! I meant to give you a 5 star but pressed the wrong button sorry - I’ll make up for it in my next order…”

And I had to leave it at that, because I can’t take the chance of discussing it lol… :zipper_mouth_face:

Yes, exactly, that is what bothers me so much! Without doing any mental gymnastics to justify it, it’s just unfair and I hate that our hands are tied. I think that I made some pretty good points about why we need a modification feature implemented, the process should only apply to certain cases and CS can just supervise it so that there isn’t any room for manipulation. It’s as easy as that.

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