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Bad Rating with good Feedback

Hi,I received a bad rating but feedback was " it was great and within 24hrs tournament".I got only 3.3 rating but feedback was ( it was great and within 24hrs tournament.).I am still confused that is client appreciating my work or doing joke with me.


I don’t know the cause of that but most new buyer drops bad rating mistakenly.


It might be a bug or a typo especially if buyer is using the fiverr mobile app or for some reason maybe the buyer feels like you did a 3.3 star gig.

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Thanks for your reply.But it effect badly on drops .1 and now my rating is 4.9.

I don’t know what is the reason behind it.But I don’t think I did 3.3 star gig.It was the second time when got awesome feedback with bad rating.

Hello, since buyers rate us sellers in three different things, it’s possible that they gave you 5 stars in two categories but 1 star in the third one. So your total would be 3.3 stars.
So it could have been worse. There is nothing you can do about it. Be glad they said nice things in the review.

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Maybe because the buyer said “Great starting point for a 24 hour turnaround time.” they don’t think the logo can be (used as) their final logo but is a starting point for further development of their logo?