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Bad rating

somebody went ahead and order a gig without sending me the audio first and i didnt do it cause it was too long for $5. it was 1hr plus audio. i told the person am not doing it for that and he waited five days before cancelling the oder for me to look bad. now am trying to rate him back and i cant. Why cant i rate him back?

Oh dear.

"cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time! " is an automated rating that appears when a buyer cancels an order due to late delivery. You don’t get the money (automatically refunded), you get a bad rating, you are not able to give a rating in return.

When a buyer asks for something that is more than what your gig offers (as was the case here), you should send a “mutual cancellation request” right away - buyer doesn’t get the work. You don’t receive a bad rating.

You should take some screenshots, contact Fiverr support and inform them of the case. They might help you remove the bad rating.