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Bad revew for the client

Hi, every one I hope you doing good I have the problems the client bade revew …so have you solution to solved my issue if any one have any suggestion any solution pleased charged me
Thankfully for the time…


Did you do anything to deserve the review?

I know you don’t want a bad review but something happened to make this person decide to write this.

I can’t tell if it seems fair or not seeing there is no info other than an attempt to make it go away. Normally these cases, once we get real info, tend to be at least partially deserved as something was not well handled or the seller claimed to deliver Pro logos but sent over clip art from a free website.

if you do get a bad review Fiverr do give you the right to reply as a Seller. if the client really has done the wrong thing, you can very carefully explain what went wrong. Use this wisely and a bad review can become an asset. Use it poorly and you might as well pack up and go home now.



Thanks for the feedback

If the buyer downright lies in their review, you can gather the proof (the screenshots of what was ordered versus what you delivered an contact CS.

If the buyer is telling the truth, I’d suggest letting it go and do better job in the future.


Thanks for the feed back but I prove all document for the fiverr support with prove I dont know why the fiverr support for the client the money will be back for the client and return for the buyer bad revew that’s not good way…

Why are you using a Bowflex video as your gig video? Stealing is not okay. Come on…


I’m sorry but we can’t understand anything from your message, it’s just bunch of words that don’t make any sense together in a sentence.


Some client is stealing the should complete the work and then return the bade revew…that’s the reality

The only one stealing here is you.

EDIT: Your Facebook service is also violating Fiverr’s Community Standards. I suggest you read them (and the ToS). (Seems like this gig is gone now after I reported it. Either Fiverr CS is really fast today or you deleted it yourself).

Moreover, you have stolen the description for your humor gig from a Pro Seller. I have not bothered to check the rest of your gigs for plagiarism.

It seems like you are unwilling to act on the Bowflex video, so I have gone ahead and reported your gig.

Considering the amount of ToS violations in your gigs, I suspect that your customer might have had a good reason to leave you a negative review. My suggestion is that you simply move on, read the ToS, and delete the offending gigs.


I need solution not for the personal comments …

There is no solution. You can’t solve this. There is nothing to solve. Even though you deleted the gig with the bad review, the bad review will show on your overall profile forever.

Give it time and get more good reviews then your average rating will move higher. There’s nothing else you can do.

@vibronx is correct and not being personal. He’s giving factual advice.


Personal is when you stole someone else’s work. That’s personal.


If you’re trying to say that the order was cancelled and the review still remained up, it is correct. The reviews don’t get removed after the order is cancelled anymore. It will stay up.

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Good sellers who come to the forum get support and advice. Bad sellers simply expose the failings of their service to a wider audience.

The negative review will remain on your profile, and if the review is true then it absolutely should stay for others to see. You can’t remove reviews.

It is very clear though that your ability to communicate in English is poor, so communication with your buyers is obviously going to be difficult - likely leading to issues as highlighted in your 1.3 star review.

Seriously, how do you expect to effectively communicate with your buyers and understand their instructions and feedback ideas?


Thanks for the good suggestions

Thanks for the support

Thanks for the feed back…

Once buyer give you the review then you can’t do anything now. It’s better to improve your skill. After some few good reviews your ratings problem will be solve.

Tried this, CS told me to f*ck off in summary.

Nothing can be change in Bad Review. Forget it.

But remember to enhance your communication. Have some attention on English sentence mistakes.

Your write English sentence but not understandable by proper English speaking persons.