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Bad review after a week after order is complete !? help?

Hello, I have this problem with customer.

In my description of gig i said you have 1 review per video and if you want another one you need to pay extra 5$.

I send video 29. January 2015., and after 3 days with no respond of buyer that order is mark as complete. I send couple of messages to buyer, to check with him is everything ok about video.

7. February 2015. I got message “Greetings. Sorry for the delayed response, I had to run the video by the band. Unfortunately they did not like it, and wanted some big changes made, however, it looks like Fiverr closed the order out. So, I guess we’re stuck with it. I’ll have to remember that Fiverr only gives a couple days to do make changes in the future. Unless you’re willing to make changes on it still.” I said i have deleted all files of that video because more then a month is passed after that order as mark as complete and i haven’t had any message from buyer even if i send couple of messages to him. Now he gave me bad review…saying all this… “First time using Fiverr. Wanted a decent lyric video, had some minor issues to be corrected. Seller did not totally follow lyrics I sent - wrong “your” being used, etc. Order closed out and seller is very rude and demands being paid for a whole new video for any corrections. No thanks.”, and i even send him edited cover art for free because i saw mistakes and i love my job and i’m happy that i can help people, gain there respect and make them happy. And not only making money.

I’m asking you to remove this feedback because it’s ridiculous. Also i did read article about feedback removal, it says “Please keep in mind that Customer Support requires at minimum a reason why the feedback is requested to be removed. Simply stating “Please remove this feedback” will not be addressed without clarifications from Customer Support.” I did give you more then minimum reasons why this feedback should be removed !

I try to make things right with buyer but he don’t want to talk with me.

Buyer didn’t provide feedback for his experience in the order. He just said all this things in feedback that wasn’t true because he want whole another video to be done and he don’t want to pay for it. You need to Read between the lines!

In your terms he can’t ask for me to do over again(or make edited version) if order is MARK AS COMPLETE ?

I’m sending you screenshot of chat with buyer and also screenshot of order page (check dates when is messages arrived and when order was delivered).

It won’t bring me down for sure, but new buyers will. Had that exp in past. Hope i’ll figure something with support center.

I get your frustration, but you are appearing rude now. :slight_smile: Don’t let one bad experience be bigger than it needs to be. Reply with your own feedback and simply explain that "The buyer didn’t respond to my messages and asked for revisions after the gig was completed. The buyer had the opportunity to ask for a revision during the however many days the gig was active."

That way anyone who sees the reviews will understand what happened and will know to ask for revisions before the gig is complete or they will have to pay for an additional gig.

I totaly did that. 4 days before i send support center a message…they said"Hi there,

We have reviewed your request to remove the feedback placed on this order by your buyer. Unfortunately, your request to remove this rating will not be approved without the buyer’s clear consent. We review feedback for Terms of Service violations and user misconduct, unfortunately there are no grounds for removal for this feedback. If there is a difference of opinion regarding a feedback left by a buyer, then we suggest contacting the buyer to understand how they rated your services."

and second message

"A buyer has a basic right to provide feedback for their experience in the order. Please follow up with them regarding the feedback that was placed on the order. It does not appear that the buyer is requesting a free video."

You need to be really dumb to don’t figure out that buyer want free video now.

Now i’m left waiting 2 days without any reaply from support center.

I agree with “itsyourthing” you did come across rude!

Just explain your part of the story and return the negative feedback if you did not have a good experience either.

Best of luck with the business anyways, don’t let one negativ feedback bring you down :slight_smile:

@agent_47r I usually side heavily with sellers on most things since I’ve had problems as well. I’m not backing your buyer for asking for a great deal of work for free and it does appear that you started out being polite. It seems like the conversation did go downhill though and I would agree that you came off somewhat rude in the end. I’m sorry the whole thing happened, though.

I will offer some tips for next time. To my understanding buyers can’t change their reviews after 30 days. I haven’t tested that myself. If they come back before that 30 day mark has passed it is almost a given that they will leave you a bad review if they feel they’ve been wronged, so you may want to handle them with extra care and offer a refund or at least really try to meet them in the middle if you can. I hate doing that myself too but bad reviews are horrible.

Second, I would not suggest dealing job files for a much longer period. That’s not just for the buyer’s sake. If they were to file a PayPal dispute against you months down the road, your possession of the original files could help you fight them for theft of service or theft of copyrighted work. Just a thought!

I was rude in the ind it’s true. But that’s because i pissed off, can’t really understand that type of people. If i did my part of job why you can polite and do yours?

Like i said, i’ll try to make things right with support center, if that doesnt go well…idk.

If i make refoundation request does feedback(rating) disappear from my gig as well ?

Thanks for tips. I save files for 3 days after order is marked in complete and always have original video on cloud storage.

I just got message from this guy

" Dude, let it go. You are rude. I get that you have rules, but that doesn’t make it okay for you to unhinge on a customer AFTER the order is closed.

I didn’t understand how worked and my order with you was the first time I have ever used Fiverr. You obviously aren’t flexible with that and instead are deciding to get insulted and take it personally that I asked if you would consider fixing some things after the order was closed.

Consider three things: 1) I am brand new to, so I don’t understand all the ordering process. 2) This order was for a “BAND” (a music group - not a “bend”). There are 4 people who all had to see the video before giving the OK. 3) Lastly, I was only asking if you’d be willing to help. You told me no, and you were a jerk about it, so that is what I had to go on for the review.

Also, You’RE lying on youR profile stating that you speak English, when youR spelling, grammar, and context are all over the place. Either you’RE using an online translator or youR ability to speak and type English is severely broken - and there were plenty of those mistakes on the video as well."



I am sorry this happened. Offer a fix to it in trade for better review for yourself.

Go through your records and get the files back Fiverr stores them for quite some time.

Go to my sells>mange sells

click on completed

search the client by name

Click the gig you want

click the file to re-download and work with it

Example on how to is below

Reply to @ardicus: I know. I would did that if it’s possible. I make lyrics videos…for one video you need about a week and it’s not so simple. I need “my” files not files that buyer send me. Effects that was made, text effects and timming etc.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I was rude in the ind it’s true. But that’s because i pissed off, can’t really understand that type of people. If i did my part of job why you can polite and do yours?

Like i said, i’ll try to make things right with support center, if that doesnt go well…idk.

If i make refoundation request does feedback(rating) disappear from my gig as well ?

Thanks for tips. I save files for 3 days after order is marked as complete and always have original video on cloud storage. - See more at:


calm down buddy! sh*t happens. there’s millions of people who will not like my work, i got few sad stories like you. I was really upset and even thought to quit Fiverr.

But later on I realized, all the people out there will not like my work… so don’t give up, just let it go and concentrate on your next job.

It will take sometime to recover, keep working & hope for the best…

Reply to @itsyourthing: Yes he is. Acutally he is the one who send lyrics. I dont change a thing about lyrics that buyer send me.

Like I said before - and other’s have too - respond to the feedback, explain what happened and then forget about the whole thing.

One more tip though. If you’re producing gigs in English, make sure that you use the exact ‘script’ you are given (and keep a record of it!) and have a native English speaker proofread your video text before you deliver.

Reply to @agent_47r: Then in your feedback reply point out that you used the ‘exact lyrics’ the buyer sent you. If he’s lying about what you did, don’t let him get away with it.

Im doing that…but support don’t responding for 4 days now and order will be cleared 15th

Reply to @agent_47r: It can take weeks for support to get back. And I don’t know what you mean about the order clearing on the 15th.

Reply to @itsyourthing: well as lv2 seller you have priority when we talk about support. Then f*cking ignored me, and that cost me about70$. Order is cleared after 2 weeks, so i can withdrawal. I cancel this order. Noth worth the money with 1 star feedback and no future buyers. Dissapointed in support service

Reply to @agent_47r: I very rarely bother contacting support. From my own experience and what others say on the forum, they can get back to you within hours or it can take weeks - no matter what level seller you are.

It’s just as well you cancelled and moved on before it took up even more of your time. Better luck in the future!