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Bad review at Cancel Order

HI experience sellers,

I need to know if buyer can give bad review at Cancel order? I got cancellation at a order for misunderstanding but saw that review 1 is showing at my review area and 1 order showing at my gig. My question if the order is cancelled my completion rate will be less but why review and no. of order showing at my gig where I even did not complete the order.


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Normally a buyer can’t leave a review after cancelling. If an order is very late though (I’m not sure the exact amount of time) Fiverr asks the user if they want to cancel. If they accept the cancellation (because of lateness) Fiverr leaves an automatic review that says “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time”.


Thanks for your reply, I am now clear. If Buyer did not agree for mutual cancellation then what will be the best option for me?

Is this a different order than the one with the “cancelled…” review? There’s nothing more that can be done about the “cancelled…” review one.

If it’s a different order than that and they’re not agreeing to cancel, you could discuss the order with the buyer and see if you can still deliver what they need. If you still can’t deliver what they need in the order you could re-ask to cancel (or ask CS if they could cancel it). Normally CS would want you to come to an agreement about what to do with your buyer (eg. see if there is some way you can deliver what they need).

Do you know if it applies if the seller requested a dispute for order modification but the buyer didn’t accept it?

I see only one bad review at your profile which says “order canceled, seller failed to deliver on time” which is an automatic reply when you missed your delivery date by 2 days and buyer automatically cancelled it.

Are you talking about this review or another order that you have active right now?

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It could if the order then went late and the buyer got a different message due to it being late and accepted to cancel when they got that message.

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So it depends on the buyer. After placing the order buyer goes offline for 1/2 days so it kind of puts the seller in a pinch. It would have been nice if fiverr had the system of pausing the order when seller request order modification.