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Bad Review by Buyer


I have done my work to the buyer very well. He don’t know even what I did. In first day, when I deliver my work to him, he said to cancell the order, I told him that the work is perfect but he didn’t and cancelled the order. After one day, he came back and said that sorry your work was perfect and asked to do the rest jobs so I did. Now he is teasing me and also he gave me bad review and now he is asking for getting the money back. Now what should I do, my gigs were working very well but after this no order has came.


I see you have an order in your queue. Is it from an old customer or a new one?


No brother, this is from an another customer. The buyer, which i am going to complaint against, his order is completed and balance is in pending.


I’m just wondering, how’s the work can be perfect if buyer didn’t even know what you delivered? :thinking:


Ok, I understand. It’s good you’re still able to get orders.

The goal now is to bury those bad reviews under new good reviews, right? Make those buyers happy and hopefully it won’t take to long to do.

If you’re struggling to get orders, you could consider lowering your prices – maybe for the next ten customers. While bad reviews can sometimes scare buyers, everybody’s tempted by a great deal.


Did you deliver code that he asked for / corrections to his code?
What you could do is deliver a document with orders as well as comments in the code explaining things. eg. document explaining how it fixes their programs/does what they asked. You could also say they can ask for changes if required when delivering.

If what the buyer is saying is false, you could speak to CS and show how you fixed his problem/did what he asked (ie. show CS proof of what you did that was asked for by the buyer). As long as they don’t just think you’re trying to manipulate reviews. Someone else got a false review removed I think. Though it could also be risky as some have got warnings when they think they’re trying to get reviews removed.


Yes brother. When I delivered my work to him at first day, he didn’t get it and ask for canceling the order. So I cancelled. Means he don’t know. The things he was asking for, I delivered. He asked for making a video and I did. Don’t know why he is teasing me.


The order which is in progress, I got this before this bad review. I didn’t get any order after this review.


So you could either speak to CS and show proof that you did what was asked (but there might also be the risk of a warning if they think you’re trying to manipulate reviews), and/or you could reply to the review specifying your side of what happened.