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Bad Review From a Buyer

Hello Sellers…
Today I had a bad Experience with a buyer. Whenever i saw in my notification i i felt like I was falling from sky. I joined in this lovely Fiverr 1month and 22days ago. Since I got 73 orders and 8 was cancelled from them. I have completed 60 orders with 38 positive and 2 negative reviews.

Plz read this…hope it will help you all to increase new sellers responsibility for a buyer…

Few days ago i got an order from a buyer. He ordered my gig for promoting his Android App. for $5
I was very happy when i got that order because i wasn’t getting order since few weeks. BTW. I delivered that order in time with perfect proof of my work. but unfortunately my buyer didn’t accept that delivery and ask me for refund. I respect his behavior and i told him i would refund him as soon as possible. You guys don’t believe i was started getting soo many orders at that time, i got very busy with that new orders and i forgot about that buyer to cancel his order. After 2days of delivery, today when i logged in to my account i saw a Negative Review waiting for me from that buyer. I was flabbergasted!!. my head was down and i felt shy when i saw that. This is my 2nd and very Bad Review i got from buyers. anyway… I tried to contact with him. i send apology message to him and request him to remove that review but i didn’t get any response.
Still i am thinking and feeling shame for my irresponsible mind. I don’t know whether for this bad reviews i will be promoted to Fiverr’s Level 2 or not?.This is what i am thinking and i am afraid of it… Is there anyone here who reached level-2 with few negative reviews???
plz let me know…


Well at least you’ve admitted that it was your fault. That’s the first step to finding a solution.

Sure you can get level 2 with a few negative reviews, as long as your average is high enough. Here are the requirements:

Maintain a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating)
Exceptional customer care
Have a low cancellation rate
Community leadership
Volume of sales

As for organisation, use handwritten (or digital) lists to prioritise your work and what you need to do. There really isn’t anything you can do about this review, except offer an exceptional service in the future and ensure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.

Hope that helps. Good luck!