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Bad review from client

It was my second work. Clients gave me a work of a logo which they want to change just a symbol. I change it. Client accept order without giving a single revision and gave me a bad review.
I am not getting this that why they do that.

I’m sorry this happened to you, however, buyers are able to leave any review that they think reflects their experience working with you. Sellers are not entitled to perfect reviews. Sometimes, there are buyers you just can’t please. The best you can do, is move on to the next order.


Some buyers get a rise out of the power they have to put sellers down.

And some buyers just don’t see your quality or value improving by asking you to change something.

It’s helpful to identify which of these camps your situation falls into. It’s also helpful to understand what attracts sketchy buyers who review unjustifiably: low prices and an impression of desperation. So make sure you’re avoiding that.


Really Really bad for you.
And next time try to satisfy your client.
And forget this moment
Try to learn from mistakes
Have a good day

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I only see one positive review for you. A 3 star review isn’t a bad one.
However it’s extremely cruel to do that to a new seller.
I could never do that. She could have let you know she wanted something different. I’m so sorry and I expect that it will not harm your sales. It’s not terrible.


It happens like that at times.
All buyers will never give you a positive review.
Just keep trying your best to provide the best service

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I can see how you’d feel down about this. The review itself isn’t bad (“She was terrific with responding, but I don’t believe the concept of what I was looking for was coming across correctly.”). When this happened to me in the past (as a buyer), I just didn’t leave a review. I avoid leaving any review that’s not a 5 star one unless the seller is rude or inappropriate. I wish more people understood that.