Bad review from competitor


Dose any one faced this kind of problem that your competitor placed 3 or 5 orders you deliver and got negative feedback from them? I got some. Please share your experience.

Sorry for my English.


From my experience, I can tell you this:

If you politely ask the Support Team to remove those ratings on a basis of provided evidence which clearly show that those negative ratings are unjustified, they may remove them. But then, the buyer can leave the same negative ratings again and again and… it’s a never ending cycle, you’ll just waste both your and the agents’ time. As I was once told - they can not take away the buyer’s right to leave a pos/neg review. But unfortunately, Fiverr also unintentionally grants them the right to abuse the system too.

My suggestion to them once was that if I undoubtedly prove that the negative rating is unjustified, they should have and use a technical solution which will prevent that client to leave any kind of review on the corresponding orders. Justice served, time spent effectively, all sides are satisfied except for the scammy one.

I have one 14-months old gig with currently 563 positive ratings and 1 negative and I’ve received few negative ratings in the past year which were permanently removed after I initiated a refund, that was the only way to get rid of the continuous abuse by these “clients”.

And as everyone knows, that’s the intention of these scammers. They leave a negative rating because they believe there’s a big chance that the seller will be disturbed for having a negative rating left on his gig. In other words, they (ab)use the current Fiverr system with an intention to practically get a service for free.

The 1 negative rating on my gig which I mentioned ? That was the last negative rating which I received and which I intentionally decided to keep. Why ? Having a negative review on your gig is a good thing because it chases away most of the scammers. They think: “This seller doesn’t care about the negative reviews, so I won’t be able to trick him. I will search for another one who has a gig with a perfect score and someone who will most probably authorize a refund ASAP as soon as he sees the negative rating”.

My advice to you is:

Leave those ratings for the time being, you did the job - your earned the money. If you start authorizing refunds all the time in order to keep a good ratings score, there won’t be an end, the scammers will teach you and they will make duplicate accounts and order again from you… and the story will repeat itself over and over again.

BUT… after a month from now, it is quite possible that the scammer-client will forget about you and your gig, I mean, you didn’t authorize a refund and that’s the end of his attempt, he will search for his next victim. So after a month, contact the Support Team, precisely and shortly explain the situation, provide proofs that those negative ratings are unjustified and I’m sure they’ll remove them.

I believe this is the best thing for you to do, just play smart and hope for the best :slight_smile:


Customer support will remove those. I only received that once. I was more of a competitor to her than she was to me. She made videos and didn’t get many sales, but she gave me a negative feedback. It was fixed as soon as I realized she offered similar gigs!


Reply to @elgerente: Thank you so much for your kind information


@alliemadison12 Thank you too