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Bad Review has been deleted

I requested an article on a specific topic and what I got back was plagiarised, poor grammar together with a very rude seller.

I accepted the ordered as I didn’t want to waste any time on this guy on the condition that I could leave my review which I did. The review was there yesterday. It has now been deleted. When I go into the Gig. It ask me to leave me review again.

No wonder this guy has 5 stars and not a single bad review. Now how is he doing this? I have no idea. Any sellers out there want to tell me? It seems Fivrr allows this practice or even encourages it.

It’s possible that the seller reached out to customer service and told “his side of the story”.

In some cases customer support takes a review of if the seller has a strong case but that doesn’t happen very often.

You still have the opportunity to leave your review though.

Review has been deleted for a second time.
Clearly Fivrr is a scam website that delete bad reviews to inflate seller ratings.

Mmmm, that you’ve had two reviews removed makes me think there’s a lot more to this story than described here. You could write to Customer Support with proof that you’re telling the truth. Otherwise, try writing a more honest and fair review. If you were rude or threatening to the seller after a disappointing experience, that won’t stand in your stead either–especially if you were overly aggressive etc. This is all supposition, anyway.

Also, the seller had this to say about your review: Fiverr Team removed the feedback because though this person tried his best to get a refund by coming up with different complaints every single time, I have proven all his complaints are False and have no grounds at all. Unethical Buyer. He has already published my work without even changing a word.

Sounds about right to me.