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Bad review not mentioned at designers profile



I had bad experience with designer here on Fiverr couple of days back, and so I gave him bad review. But if I check his profile now I can’t find my review. I can see last reviews added couple of hours back, so it seems my review is thrown away…


Did you threaten him before leaving the bad review ?


what do you mean by “threaten him”?

I ordered a logo from him, and he made me some designs made with icons and vectorfiles he found on the internet. I’ve sent him link of images he was using for his logos. So not very personal/professional logo. I told him I paid him to make something personal and not just use files from the internet…
After that (2 days later), he cancelled the order, so he didn’t seem capable of making a personal logo, although I can see a nice portfolio of this designer.


You said he cancelled order. if he cancelled order you can’t leave review because review can be only left on completed orders. And order can be only cancelled by Customer support or by mutual cancellation or the other possibility he might open dispute on order for cancellation and you did not noticed that than the dispute get accepted in 2 days automatically.

I mean if you warn him or threaten him for bad review than he would have contacted fiverr customer support for my buyer is harassing me or threatening me than CS has authority to remove your review in that case.

Hope it will clarify your confusion.


I didn’t threaten him with bad review, but I told him I needed da professional & personal logo, not some copy/paste from internet. And if he couldn’t do that, I asked him to refund me so that I could look for other designer. So that’s what happened. Didn’t know I couldn’t leave review on cancelled order…
Thanks for info Zazi! :wink:


Dear @stevenvdh you are more than welcome. if there is anything you want to know about :slight_smile:

Best Regards:


Of course you don’t have to answer, but just curious, did you pay much?


You may have provided private feedback about your experience to Fiverr. If you were asked to rate it between 1-10 then that is what you did. This is not shown publicly.


I paid 50$ because I wanted 3 logo designs with one choice by customer for revisions. That final logo should be provided in all source files. The order was cancelled and I had refund.


Well, I won’t comment the price, because that wasn’t my motive, but I wish you good luck with another designer, whether it will be on this website or another.


I know that for some countries this price is too cheap, but as the designer lives in Pakistan and average month wage is there 255$, it seems to be a nice job for him if you ask me…
Anyway, I found another designer here on Fiverr who did a way better job for same price :wink:


lol… this gentleman knows his world economics… :wink: :thumbsup: