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Bad Review on my first order

I’ve got “4 stars” review on my first order completion possessing positive rating of 80%. How can I improve this because currently I’m unable to send buyer requests?

A 4-star review is not a bad review. It is also unwise to expect all of your orders to come from the Buyer Request section. You’re a “New Seller”. You’re not going to see many buyer requests at that level.

If you want more sales, you may have to learn how to market and promote your services elsewhere – to the target customers that need the services you offer.

Every business has to market and promote their products or services in order to gain customers. As much as you may not want to, you will have to do the same.

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Well 4 star is not a bad rating.
Everyone has to start somewhere and you started good.


4 star is not bad review.


A 4 star rating can be seen as a very good review. In addition, it is nice that you have your work for this buyer shown on your profile. It looks very good.

The review simply says “not the best communication” so you could post a response to that review if you want to, explaining how you communicated with the buyer.


how I can market and promote my services?

I am unable to provide you with a step-by-step manual on how to market and promote something. Have you done any research on the topic online? I bet you’ll find thousands of great articles to read that will answer this question many times over.

YOU are responsible for your own research. We cannot do your work for you.

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