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Bad review on my profile

Hello, I am a student trying to make ends meet so I found out about fiver one year ago.

I used to work as a photographer so I thought about making a gig about that and so I did. After a few days, I got my first gig and it was a man from America who was asking for many more things than what I was offering, so I told him about getting the premium package which he did not. He bought the basic one and again, I tried to explain to him that he didn’t order a suitable package. He insisted that I should finish his gig and I again, tried to instruct him about getting the premium one. After doing that, he waited for days to go by and gave me 1 star. Thus, demoralizing me and making me try to find other ways to get an income.

Now, after 1 year, I came back to fiver and I wanted to make another gig, but my profile is stained by his 1-star review, is there any way we can remove it? I can easily provide screenshots of our discussion if it’s needed.


so…you are writing about something that happened 1 year ago… ?
I’m afraid that nothing can be done , reviews are there to stay… especially after 1 year…


Sadly, yes . After this incident, i got frustrated and in the same time, i found a job so i let it be . Afterwards, i served in the army and again i had no time for this .

Really ? That’s injustice.

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

You were completely in the right to tell that buyer ‘no’. Unfortunately, you didn’t cancel the order through the resolution center, and instead it lapsed into automatic cancellation, for which there are consequences.

Fiverr has resources explaining how things work on their platform, including the cancellation process, and late orders.

It IS possible to make a comeback, but you will likely need to bring a lot of your own customers to the platform. As you earn new orders and reviews, this single negative review will be buried. It’s work, but that’s part of freelancing.

If you’re a photographer, why is your only gig about gaming?


Hello , I was naive to expect some empathy from an American stranger. I was waiting for him to change to another package, which he did not.

Thanks for your reply and explanation, I am not willing to gather reviews 1 by 1 and bury the bad , unfair one , I prefer to start anew.

My photography gig is currently paused, i came back in order to add the gaming gig and i would activate the photography gig if i were to stay .

I’m an American stranger, and you have my empathy. There are bad buyers everywhere, not just America.

Even though you have my empathy, I will caution you that it’s against the forum rules to call out nationalities. Lumping people together in groups is rather rude. I am not my country.

That said, I’ve given you the best advice I can considering your situation. Take it or leave it as you will. My only other word of caution is that that behavior is not exclusive to the Fiverr platform, and not limited to the internet. Again, kudos for standing your ground.


You are totally right , I just let my anger talk , I should think more before talking :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice and thanks for being supportive

Bad reviews happen.

I have 600+ 5-Star reviews.

I have a number of 4-Star reviews.

I have one 2-Star review.

That 2-Star review means nothing compared to all my other ones.

So don’t worry about a 1-Star review.

In a year from now it won’t matter.


Too bad bro. Hw ever it can be improved after a through hard work by searching of new clients

Is it too late to Reply to that bad review? If you can do so in an even, calm tone, you can point out to any decent buyers that this was a scum-sucking piece of :poo: using wording more like:

I am sorry that you felt that you did not get the outcome you wanted. When you explained your wats to me, I did advise that we would need more time, features, and costs for this job. That you chose not to purchase what was needed made this outcome rather inevitable. Again, I wish it had been otherwise for you.

This makes it clear to anyone with a brain that you have honor and tried to do the right thing against a client who was not willing to support his own needs and then blamed you. This can a) help push away other scammers and b) help good people to see you in ways that it is harder to show in a Gig.

Who would you rather work with as a seller Jason Statham or Baron Harkonen (Dune)?


True, but starting with a bad review can deter future buyers at the start - where it’s most crucial. I appreciate the supportive post sir !


I do and I value it sir.

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