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Bad review problem


Hello guys i am new on fiver and i have bad review problem,one of my customer give me bad review and i dont know why he give me bad review ,i deliver my work on time and after one hour i do revision /changes what he want but now i have problem of my bad review so can any body help me or give me an order for good review ,thanks need help


You can always ask the buyer about what went wrong. Then after fixing it, you can send a request to modify his reviews.


i always repl and modify on time but dont know whats the problem


I can’t give you an order but if you did a good job (as described in your gig) and got a bad review, just contact Customer Support and I am sure they can help you.


From my experience i can tell you i never get solution for bad review, it will never be removed i suggest you to ask for review modification


You need to ask the buyer for that and maybe offer free revisions. If they get happy with the revised work, then you can ask for a revised review, which will solve your problem.


You just advised this seller to break 5r Tos and risk getting banned. :disappointed:


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HI @gina_riley2,
I’m sorry, but aren’t we supposed to provide the best experience to the buyer? I do it all the time (without mentioning the word ‘free’), so that if the buyer is not happy with the 1st iteration of the work, I re-work on it to make them happy.

And I see a lot of sellers offering free unlimited revisions in their gig.

So your point is now making me confused.


The buyer may see it as review manipulation and turn the Seller in.

If CS agrees, they could get into trouble.

Please read TOS and other threads that talks about reviews.


This happened to me sometimes, i go up and down to satisfy the customer sometimes i do extra work just to let the client happy but in the end they give something like 4.7/5 i don’t know what’s wrong with people. You treat them well and you complete the work as their hearts desired but in the end they compensate you with bad reviews :confused:


oh… i didn’t know it could work this way.
i will.
thanks a lot :slight_smile: