Bad review removal


Hi everyone.

Just got a customer who rated me really badly.

He asked for a frontal view (90°) and horizontal mockup of his logo in a 3d mockup gig (which would not work well).

I’ve offered to modify the review. What is the following step? (my first time dealing with such customer)

What can I do to remove this rating from this confused/incompetent buyer.



Reviews are permanent – including negative reviews. Fiverr does not remove negative reviews.


I’ve offered to modify the review. and she/he accepted. So what should I do next?

How do I redeliver?



There is nothing you can do to directly remove a review. You can ask the buyer – via the Resolution Center – to change their review, but the buyer has to agree to it, and only they can make any changes to the review. If the buyer doesn’t change a review after you’ve requested it through the Resolution Center, then there is nothing more that you can do.

Sellers receive negatives reviews. It happens. If the buyer isn’t willing to change the review, then please accept it, and move on. You can always post a response to any review, thereby offering your side of the story.


I think you need to change your delivery message. If you hate bad reviews and don’t mind making revisions try something like this:

Hi customername,

Thanks for your order! Your delivery is enclosed.

If you’re not happy with my work, use the modification button to request a revision.

Bad reviews hurt my business, and I’m eager to ensure your satisfaction.

Have a nice day

P.S. Tips are appreciated.

P.S.2 Fiverr will mark this order as complete in 3 days.

This isn’t what I do because I don’t have time for revisions, and I hate putting ideas in my buyers’ heads. Also, this guarantee some fink won’t give you a bad review, but at least you’ll decrease the possibility.


This is the last thing I would put in a delivery message. It is almost requesting that they ask for a revision and saying you will do anything to not get a bad review— a green light to get never ending revision demands.

Even if they otherwise would have left a good review if they see this message some will take advantage of you to get more work at no charge.


Tell him you would appreciate the opportunity to get it right. See if he is interested in getting it fixed. If he agrees you can deliver via inbox. If your client is happy with the final outcome, he can reach out to customer support to have his review removed.

Be careful though…soliciting clients for a 5 star review is not allowed. Good luck!


Hi @annai80,

I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while but can you or someone else more versed on this topic make a post about what actually counts as soliciting reviews? Does asking a buyer to leave a review if they like the work counts as soliciting reviews? Or does offering a buyer a bonus or discount on future purchases? I’d be grateful if someone could shine some more light on this.

Thank you.


You can ask for (solicit) a review but can’t ask for a 5 star, or a good, review.

So you are allowed to solicit a review, but not a certain type of review.


Ok, so basically I can ask them to leave a review but not say leave a good or great review if they like the work?


What MissCrystal said :+1: . Even Fiverr staff encourages us to ask buyers for reviews (at least that’s what I heard in the SL or from Pro sellers). However, as soon as you ask for a 5 * or a positive review it becomes an issue.

What do you think about this demand for a 5 star review?

Thanks for clearing that up. Fiverr really should make this clear in the TOS.


I agree, but if the seller is adverse to negative reviews, what else can he/she do? Besides, I didn’t say the seller should offer unlimited revisions. One should be enough. More revisions should require more orders.

Some of my good clients have offered to buy my gig again to get additional revisions. Sometimes I agree, other times I might confess that I can’t help them anymore with that project.


Negative reviews could not be removed via Customer Support. What you do is communicate to the buyer as kind and as humble as you can so he or she will change his or her review even if it means no payment on your end. Sometimes, sacrifice is a must.


I’ve provided several revisions and free renders. I’m starting to think that the buyer is just salty and love ruining people’s life at this point.

Oh well… Life goes on!



It happens to the best of us bro. be strong and do a little research on human relations and psychology… it takes intellectual prowess to handle some troublesome people.
Good Luck!


I can relate to that. Some buyers have hidden demolition job. So sad and frustrating.


You can word this a lot more carefully, so it does not seem to suggest that someone take advantage of your fear of a bad review to get a lot of free work out of you.

If you require a revision to your delivery, please use the modification button to request a revision.

Your satisfaction is my number one goal and I will be happy to make adjustments to your order if anything is not to your liking.


You’re so good at corporate communication. I’m impressed.


Thanks, I really love your direct approach but just don’t want anyone to see it and take advantage.