Bad review, seller cancels


I was curious, I placed the order, seller delivered but clearly it was crap. I gave him a thumbs down and bad review as he deserved. In fact I think he’s a fraud…BUT, I never asked for a refund nor was I…I figured you get what you pay for. But within one minute he wants to refund since I am not happy. So, does he also get to delete my review so he can restore his average?

I appreciate the refund offer but isn’t this deception if his rating is also restored? gives people the idea he is in this case a real psychic which hes not if we only count the thumbs up reviews. Just curious how this works.


bachas85 said:
demons19 said: have NO idea who is good/talented and who is a fraud.

That's why most gigs have a Live Portfolio of samples, so you can be the judge prior to ordering.

But, if you're talking about a psychic......... there's not much "sampling" to do.

Bachas, you nailed it here.

I mean look at the Oracles in classical literature. They often gave advice that didn't seem to be what it really was until it came to pass. I would question the idea that you could ever accurately judge a psychic impression.

So to me, if it's delivered, it should be a thumbs up.


Reply to @demons19: The seller “can’t just do it” you have to agree.

It’s also funny that most of us feel the sit is set up with all the power in the hands of the buyer. So, I guess it’s a little bit of “Walk in the others’ shoes”.

The site is CLEARLY about commerce, which is buying and selling.

I’d generally say no one offering a real service is a fraud here. No artist, provider, business, gadget, service, etc. is perfect for everyone. And if you get your $5 back, you can test another vendor to find the one you want.

Why should your particular tastes tarnish a vendor’s rep. It’s enough that you won’t be a regular buyer, no?

And, again you ignored my bigger point. Cancellation rate is reported to BUYERS as well…even if they’re because of buyer mistake.

I see someone with 20 thumbs up and I don’t assume the person is great, I assume the person is tested and worth giving a try. If they will work with me if I’m not satisfied, I not only think they shouldn’t get a negative review. I actually think they should get a positive review that acknowledges they gave me a refund without hassle.

To that extent the removal of positive feedback with a refund hurts the seller too!


Of course you don’t get a refund and get to harm someone’s reputation.

Part of reputation is how you handle disgruntled clients. There is also a public communication of his/her cancellation rate. So it’s all transparent. This is clearly stated in the Fiverr mutual cancellation and fiverr feedback programs.


I am not questioning the policy, it is what it is…but its rather silly. If a seller can just buy back his reputation then buyers have NO idea who is good/talented and who is a fraud. So every seller has a marvelous perfect reputation because all the bad reviews are wiped away with a store credit. You see a gig with 20 perfect thumbs ups, perfect score and buyers assume this person is great. They never see the 20 who gave thumbs down for terrible service because they forced a refund on you so they could delete the review…I know I know, read the TOS…got it…This site is clearly about selling which is fine but complete deception to the buyer.

demons19 said: I am not questioning the policy, it is what it is.....but its rather silly.

Tha's not questioning the policy???


I agree, if a seller is doing crap gigs and support see that they have done a crap job. You should get a refund and be able to give them thumbs down, just like ebay.


I was under the impression that once the feedback has been left that even if you mutually cancel for a refund the feedback remains there and the ratio stays where it is at.


I say this because I’ve gotten feedback that I didn’t feel I deserved but even after a refund I still see the negative and my score is still lowered…


You don’t have to accept the refund if you don’t want to from the seller. What you can do if you feel you were in the wrong and don’t plan on using the work is contact Fiverr’s CS team and actually bring up a good argument as to why you feel the feedback should stay but your funds should be sent back to you. Refunds and removal of feedback can only happen if both parties accept the mutual cancellation or one or the other party contacts CS directly and they issue one.

Reply to @deannabalestra: Mutual cancellations should refund the buyer but also remove feedback but only if the buyer accepts the mutual cancellation. If the mutual cancellation is not accepted and the cancellation times out, it acts as a mutual cancellation but without the removal of feedback. As long as there is clear information what you offer for a standard gig, a gig with extras, and so on, Fiverr is actually pretty good with dealing with feedback that wasn’t deserved at least, from my experience. Have you inquired to them about each separate instance? Only one time has it been an issue out of three but I am going to see if I can deal with that issue via through CS if it isn’t too late. Not sure if there is a time limit for inquiring about bad feedback removal, though.