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Bad review VS Order cancel

bad review. also, client send hidden review if she/he didn’t like your job. it’s very harmful for account.

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Yeah I agree with everyone else.

Cancellations can be recovered from.

Bad reviews stain your profile forever and can put of potential buyers for life.

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Yes, Got it now bro! :muscle:

Yes it’s true. Thanks for your discussion.

I just had a nasty buyer.

He offered random requirements, didn’t really care about the order and my questions, then after delivery he says he wants to cancel because I have enough work anyway, and I won’t feel the $5 loss.

I told him I will do a new version, then he insulted my work, saying again he wants to cancel.

He never pinpointed what was wrong with the content, just wanted to cancel. So I ended up sending a few more versions. In total, I did $20 worth of work for a $5 bill, and got a negative review. I am unhappy, but it is what it is. I won’t let people like this get away with it and damage other sellers.

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Yeah, I’ve had this experience. If their attitude stinks and they insult your work, then you’re pretty much guaranteed a negative review if you don’t cancel. They will just find fault in whatever you provide from there on out.

I only try to recover the cancellation request if they seem courteous and open to improvement.

$5 clients are the worst :frowning:

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i will go for the order cancellation instead of a bad review as bad review will keep eating you and cancellation will effect your stats for a specified time

Yes, I think also that Bad review is worst for a seller account.

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