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Bad Review with a Tip


I’ve been on Fiverr for a while and generally, I get 5-star reviews most of the time.
My last two orders (on different gigs) have been 4-star rated, but both buyers have left a tip and have left a good review about my communication and standard of work.

I messaged both buyers to see if there’s anything I could do to get the 5-star. The first one responded and said he didn’t mean it to be 4, but now wasn’t able to change to 5 as it wouldn’t let him. The second didn’t get back to me.

I don’t know if this is just a coincidence, but I’ve never had the issue before, especially twice in a row. Why would a buyer leave a 4-star and a tip?

I’m wondering if something has happened to make it confusing when leaving a review on the buyer’s side?


There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best to leave it and move on.


Don’t ever ask buyers about reviews!

Strangely though, I have recently received several reviews where one of the stars (out of 15) was left out, giving me 4.7s. These were happy customers with no issues whatsoever and some have reordered too. Makes me wonder if there’s a bug or UX issue or something.


I think you’ve just been ‘unlucky’ to get a couple of these come along a few days apart.

I say unlucky but do bear in mind that 4 star feedback is actually very good. You might not see it this way tonight, but a couple of 4 star ratings among a sea of 5 star ratings actually makes your feedback profile look very honest to future buyers. There’s nothing catastrophic about what’s happened.

You’ve got plenty of great feedback from other buyers, so try and put these two 4 star reviews to the back of your mind. I know, easier said than done and all that!


I’m not really discussing the reviews, more the coincidence that it’s happened twice one after the other, when it’s never happened before (I’ve been on Fiverr over a year).

I also think it’s perfectly acceptable to ask the buyer if you could improve any way on the work. Asking for feedback, as long as you aren’t harassing the buyer is acceptable and common customer service practice. If you don’t know what what wrong, how will you ever improve?


Why would someone leave a 4 stars review and a tip? Many reasons.


Yes and no. In theory I agree with you, but based on the countless reports I’ve read on the forum, Fiverr interpret any such move as ‘feedback manipulation’.

At the end of the day, it’s Fiverr’s platform and they set the rules - they don’t like sellers questioning buyer feedback or even hinting at the word feedback / evaluating performance. It’s just one of those ‘don’t go there’ areas.


In a rational world this is true. Fiverr is not that world. If your buyer asked support to change the review they gave you would get an account warning, even if you didn’t ask them to.


As far as I know, asking for ways to improve isn’t against Fiverr’s terms - I haven’t asked the buyer to change the review, just how I could improve next time. As long as you aren’t harassing the buyer, I think that’s completely normal, otherwise you can’t improve. In my day job i’m an operations manager, and we’d ask for feedback about any negativity as common practice.

I just thought it was odd to receive a couple in close succession that are both 4 star (on all 3 counts) but both received a tip. I wouldn’t expect a tip from a 4 star service.

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Did you actually thanked your client for the tip?

Yes, I always thank for tips and reviews after they’ve been provided as standard.

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I’d love to work for Fiverr as secret buyer (mystery buyer) if you prefer. That’s why I asked.


I’m not sure if its still around but some of my buyers told me (without me asking) that they left me a 5 star review on the mobile app but it showed up as 4.7 star. So maybe its a mobile app issue more than a UX issue.


Same happened to me just a couple of hours ago, A buyer gave me 4.3 stars with Tip !

You said you asked what can you do to get 5 stars after buyer left reviews and thats against TOS of fiverr…
It almost similar to buying 5 stars !

Just so you don’t make this mistake in future !!

This makes sense as one of mine said they meant to leave a 5-star review, but it obviously came through as 4-star, so perhaps there was a problem there.

Out of curiosity, what would be your reaction if you were getting a 1 star review and $1000 tip?

I would hope that I wouldn’t get a 1-star review but at the end of the day, your review affect your future rankings on the site. So yes you’d have more money, but is it worth spending months at the bottom of the list for further work?


If that happened, that would be a buyer who believed that a 1* rating was the top rating. Regrettably, some think that way as they do not read the instructions! Otherwise, there’d be no chance of getting a large tip and a 1*.


Don’t ever ask the buyer to change the review. it is against TOS and you may get into trouble because of this. yes you may ask the reason indirectly.
Secondly, Getting 4 stars is not a bad review. some buyers just don’t want to give 5 stars because they think that nothing perfect and 5 is perfect. I have overall 4.9 rating and most of the buyers message me and tell me I choose you because of 4.9 rating because it seems genuine.

So keep doing the good work!! Good Luck

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I think it’s important for us sellers to accept that a 4 star / 4.3 star review is good!

Yes, it’s human nature to always want the best - but a 1 star review is bad, 2 is below average, 3 is average, 4 is good and 5 is excellent.

In my opinion, too many buyers award 5 stars. Although it’s nice to receive 5 star feedback - it’s just not realistic time after time, and arguably makes it difficult for buyers to differentiate between sellers.