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Bad Review with a Tip

I fully agree with this and with my non-Fiverr clients, if I felt something was wrong I would be all over them to try sort it out. However, this kind of thing happens on Fiverr without warning and without any comeback options:

It’s just not worth taking the chance of getting in trouble for something like that.


don’t feel bad about it :slight_smile: Once I got a 3 star review with a 30$ tip … I didn’t complain , nothing bad will happen


Yes, I just go ahead and meditate, think about my hobbies and move on. The last thing I need is yet another warning from a random thing like this.


something about your service he didnt like it, the attitude or something different, i get 4,3 or 4,7 atleast once a month. rest of its 5. If it would be 1-3 than you have to trhing what u have done wrong, dont worry about it so much

I think there might be a bug on Fiverr. Because the same happened to me, a buyer left me a very positive review with 4.3 stars, and then he apologized because he intended to give me 5 stars but something went wrong and it ended up as 4.3, so I think maybe Fiverr staff should look into this.

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The buyer just pressed the wrong button. And if you go to customer support, you will receive a warning. Didn’t you read my story above?


In 2019 I had a 3.7 and a positive review. She actually came back to me and wanted to order again. Thank goodness she asked me first!!

I explained that I was confused that she would want my voice because of her previous review. I encouraged her to find a different voice. She insisted she wanted my voice (in a nice way) I reluctantly agreed but further explained that reviews are extremely important and should be based on your experience so if I was not providing the best experience, she agreed to communicate with me so we could discuss it and work to make the order perfect. She agreed. But… I held my breath the entire time thinking she would leave another low rating. She left a 5 star and explained she was new to Fiverr and didn’t understand the star system and the importance to the sellers.

I have said this before on the forum… 5 stars are just like hugs… some people just don’t give them. I am a hugger.

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At the risk of being pedantic, this comes under the heading of you ‘got away with it’ - rather than Fiverr allowing you to discuss feedback. There’s a big difference between being allowed to do something under the rules of the platform, and simply not getting caught. Each to their own though.


Did I say that I was planning on contacting CS? No, because I’m aware of the consequences. I just said that the same happened to me and according to the customer he made no mistake and the review was bugged.

You don’t have to message your buyer because of reviews. It’s against fiverr terms. Moreover, 4 star is not a bad review. Other buyers will not only check your star rating, they would also check your previous buyers comments to decide whether to use your service or not.

If a seller drop a 4 star review and a tip, you can respond by appreciating the buyer for giving you a tip. Your comment can also influence other buyers decision

The review system is not bugged. Your buyer just pressed the wrong star. It’s not the same thing.