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Bad reviews from same client from different ids

i have received customized order from a client, i have done a job for client and maintained qualitye after delivering the work client asked more work in same order which also done but still recived a bed review i request hime cancel order but client did not agreed, same client with diffrent id came in next order, i have worked and send him for approval with the note that if you required any change then let me know, but client post another negative review, in this now i have three bad reviews from same client with different ids. for first order i have requested to fiverr for removal the review which was removed three times but still client able to post bad reviews again and again. this is the thing which is forcing me to keep away from fiverr and join any other platform for work…

Having more than one account is against TOS. This person is up to no good. File a report with customer support! This user is breaking many rules. Extortion, multiple accounts, etc.

Only CS can help you if they agree with you. I am not a designer so you should to get other opinions on my next comment. I think that to attract more clients it would be good to create much better gig images. Your orange one is very hard on the eyes and you use it for way too many gigs. Good luck!

Isn’t there a way to block certain buyers? If there is, I’d like to know how. Of course, that won’t really help if the same person is using different IDs. My guess is it’s a competitor trying to ruin your rankings here on Fiverr. I guess the advice you’ve already been given is the best. Handle it through Customer Service and get those reviews removed.

Now, I’d like to vent. I just received my first 4 star review after hundreds of 5 star reviews. I know that’s not a negative review, but I’m mad about it because this buyer refused to pay the extra $5 bucks he should have paid, I did the gig anyway because I’m nice like that, and not even a thank you. Just a so-so 4 star review. So, he got a 50% discount and a transcript with 100% accuracy in a timely manner and that’s only worth 4 stars? I sent him a note and told him to find someone else to do his transcription. I should have canceled right off the bat. But, hearing your story, I guess they have to agree to it??? WTH is that. I don’t HAVE to do anything. I’m grateful to Fiverr for the work they’ve provided to me, but some of this shit is a little too one-sided.

Thanks for listening and good luck with your issue. Let us know how it turns out.