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Bad reviews not disappearing anymore?

Hey guys!
I rarely get bad reviews. In this special case I got a 1* review from a guy who expected way too much. Besides the offered service he took it for granted to also ask me for a summary and a creation of a Powerpoint presentation on top while he was only up for paying about 70% of the base price of the offered service so he cut down the content to be dealt with.

Long story short: He left the 1* review I only got like 3 total of vs. 1200 5* reviews and almost nothing in between (4-2* reviews basically non existant)

The review happened about 2-3 weeks ago and ever since I’ve gotten quite a few other 5* reviews of customers who were really satisfied with my work. Actually 10 exactly. The thing is that the 1* review is still right on top of the latest review list out of the 5 which are displayed without clicking “show more”. WIll it never go away now? Or at least further down so it doesn’t stay on top?

Sales have massively dropped throughout December so far. It might be due to the end of the year and things settling down but I believe that one review has a serious impact on that as well. Before I woke up to 6 notifications and 10 messages in my inbox every day since the beginning of April basically. Now I am happy if I am getting a single new message a day.

Did you experience a similar thing like me and will that 1* review ever leave the top and go down into the show more section at all?