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BAD SALES [A lot of sales ..... No sales ..... A little sales ..... No sales ..... A lot of sales]

Some weeks I get sales. Some weeks no any sale. As I think this can’t be an error on my gigs. As I think this is a Fiverr interactivity. It’s like refreshing the site. As I think, Its doesn’t make a problem to Top Rated Sellers and Second Level Sellers. It’s just for frist level and new sellers. Going up and Down. However, Some bad gigs are on the top lines of recommended gigs.

Please share your experience with me. I need to hold my sales. Do you have any idea about it?

This is how freelancing works, you’ll get times where you’ll not have a single sale. As a graphic designer with 4 years experience you should know about that.

Up and down is a part of business.
Do not loose hope

It is normal.

I think it is indeed normal for any form of freelancing. Fiverr too. Sometimes you get lots, sometimes less, sometimes nothing.

Just have patience when you get nothing.

It is normal to have ups and downs on fiverr. Why it happens no one really knows for sure. It probably has to do with the fiverr search algorithm changing.

Reply to @pierregeier:

Its not how freelancing works. Its how Fiverr works.

Thankx my friend.

Reply to @frenchshark: from what I saw in recommended gigs it’s more like it rotates newer gigs with old established ones. What I noticed is when I’m less active my gig drops in the results as well and gets by far less impressions when I look at the statistics. Your gig and your profile is indexed by external search engines optimizing your profile text can lead to new orders as well, since it could attract new buyers who are new to fiverr. Even my posts from the forum here are already indexed. So maybe activity is a big factor for getting new sales.

This is all wild guessing from me here, it can be all wrong. But the indexing thing is true.