Bad Sales ....No Sale


For the past few few days,I am unable to get any orders.
Any suggestions.


When this happens to me, I usually binge watch Battlestar Galactica. At the same time, though, I have heard a rumor that dips in sales can be an awesome time to think of new services to offer and new ways to market gigs.


Same here :slight_smile:


Hi all of few.

Please do a fair research from some gigs that are having a plethora of orders, just for inspiration then do some changes in your gigs.

The most important thing is that have a deep look at your GIG’s Title, Description, Tags, Prices, and Its image or video.

a) The Title

The title must be unique and has unique and most usable keywords.

b) The Description

The description must be unique and contain the keywords that are in the GIG title as much as possible. I would like to recommend you to use keywords in the starting, middle, and in the ending. The description must contain the sentences that inspire the buyers and ensure their trust.

c) The Tags

Tags are also most important for visibility of your GIGs in the search results. Do a fair research and look the tags that repeat a lot. Imagine you are a buyer and would like to purchase a logo design then you will definitely type logo design in the search bar. Most of the buyers use filters.

d) The Prices

If you are a new seller and not getting orders so I would like to recommend you to set the average or reasonable price for making your first sale.

e) The Image or Video

a) The image of the GIG must be unique, design it by yourself also put the short detail of your work on it.

b) The video has its own importance, I would love to recommend you to use video.

Note: Do not forget to write “Exclusively on Fiverr” if you are creating a video for GIG.

I hope it will help you a lot :slight_smile:


Best regards:


Thank you very much :slight_smile: