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Bad Sales recommendations

Hello guys, Got promoted and yet sales have been bad, so I got an idea, So I was sending my clients some great discounts if the offer from now till January as a celebration for my promotion. Would you consider this a spam? I don’t want to break any rules, but is it bad to send message to your clients offering them some new discounts if they order soon or recommend a friend who will order through you?


Sending unsolicited messages is spam.


How do you call it spam, when even every company does that? Imagine registering for a Google product and you get receiving offers upon offers on the product. Is that a spam?

When you register for a Google product, you agree to receive promotional emails. Sometimes you even have the option to say no to receiving them while signing up.

Your buyers did not agree to receive promotional messages from you, nor did they have the chance to reject them.


It’s spam. Any unwanted mail is spam.

You were sending messages to more than one person, so it was bulk spam.

It really is best not to do it. You only need one of those people to report your messages as spam and you could receive a warning.

EDIT: You’ve also got to remember that on Fiverr, people - especially sellers - have to protect their response rates. So by spamming, you are forcing people to take action - either to respond or to report you.


@vibronx if that is the case, then marketing your gigs on social media like Facebook etc is also a spam since it is unsolicited messages. Perhaps sending directly to mails should also be tagged that too. Don’t you think so?

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It is the case. Yes, oftentimes, when a seller from Fiverr says that they are “marketing” their gigs on social media, they are actually spamming. Spam annoys people and does nothing but hurt your brand.

Social networking sites have their own Terms of Service that govern their sites. These terms are unrelated to Fiverr. The fact remains that Fiverr does not allow you to send unsolicited messages/offers to buyers. What other people elsewhere are doing does not change this.


It should definitely be an option. Like when placing an order, you can tick a box that says to receive discounts or promotional offers from that seller, and give sellers the ability to create advertisements (With time limitations, so it’s not spammy) that everyone receives who opted in. It would bring more orders that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, and money is what every company (And seller) wants to make.

I know I love to do promotions and discounts, so I would use it myself as a seller.

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You may try rationalizing it comparing it to other sites but fiverr has a unique messaging system with sellers getting rated on managing it properly and buyers getting pestered by a gaggle of desperate sellers who try to sell something, anything at all.

Your first few buyers who get the message may not report you but eventually, someone who’s irked enough will. You don’t know how many similar messages any given buyer gets and what are their individual boiling points.

Fiverr runs promotions all the time. Buyers get discount codes and whatnot, you’re just not made aware of it.


Instead of trying to take down the replies you asked for, using faulty logic, you can always just read the Terms of Service that you agreed to when signing up.

Any unsolicited message is not allowed.

No matter what the reason behind it is.

When you establish your own brand/site, you can email people who sign up for it, all you want.


On Fiverr, every unsolicited message is spam.

Unless your former buyers explicitly told you that they want to receive promotional offers from you, you shouldn’t do it. If you do it anyway and one or more buyers report you, you could get an account warning or a permanent ban.

It’s Fiverr’s site, and it’s their rules.

Of course, you’re also free to ignore everything I’ve said and risk your account. It’s up to you.


Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.

The above is listed under Violations in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page, and to break the rules is to risk your account.


Fiverr sellers have also been banned from some Social Media sites for “marketing” their gigs.


I saw YouTube video 2021 Tips from Level 2 seller. His tip #10 is to from time to time contact buyers and ask them do they need something done. He mentions he is part of Facebook group pages that Top rated and pro sellers sometimes visit and share their tips and that is one of them… he also says that new seller can make 5 gigs so…

Then we have people copying what pro sellers are doing and we can’t (pro seller can put his personal website on gig image and in description).

And this is all new tips and advises on yt in 2021.


Did you report the video?


Who, me?

No, I went live and recorded my reaction and commentary to the video, I went step by step through his Tips and I gave my opinion. He had a lot of other interesting “tips”. I recorded entire video on the spot, the moment his video was recommended to me.

YouTube is filled with “make money fast” and they do make money fast from ad revenue and monetization by all the people watching their “go to Fiverr sell logos” so I decided to share my version.

I published audio version of TOS as well.


I wouldn’t be offering discounted prices in January.

I’d be offering them all the time - but just to clients I choose to get them.

In fact, that is what I do.

They get the discount when I send a Custom Order.

How many of my clients get a volume discount from me?

A few…not a lot.

I also have a Gig that states it is a discount price (nobody sees that, for some reason…lol).

Don’t give away your talent to just anyone.

Offer deals to just those clients who deserve them and will keep giving you repeat business.

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