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Bad Seller Did Not Delivered What I Ordered

The seller ****** contacted me via Facebook to tell me he can find a list of products for me, he is an extremely successful Amazon seller with several years of experience finding good products to Private Lable and sell on Amazon. I placed the order with my request and got a list of Light bulbs, Lamps, ceiling lamps, 10 equal backpacks, house alarms, baby monitors, they are all repetitive, electrical and not good for Private Lable. I added photos of the list. I sent a message via Facebook to the seller and he agreed to re-do the job, then he deleted his Facebook account and is not responding to any message. (upload://rjzFcpCh4XDA6FtbsOuWtGziqSq.png)
Mod Note: Naming other site users on the forum in this way is not allowed. For issues with orders, please contact customer support as they can actually take action.

It is against forum rules to name sellers so you need to remove this immediately.