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Bad seller getting good press

I placed an order, had no communication from the seller in 15 days. Seller missed the deadline and never communicated. I cancelled the order and got a refund to my account (minus the handling fee). Now I can’t leave a rating or comment on the non-service.

The sad part is that this seller is featured in marketing “Get Inspired!” emails I receive from Fiverr. I now know that seller reviews can’t be trusted.

If you cancelled the order because it was “very late,” you left an automatic negative review on that gig.

Or, more to the point, Fiverr did in your place. It’ll be “order cancelled! seller failed to deliver on time!”

If you check their profile and they have a whole bunch of these, it’s pretty safe to surmise the seller is (for whatever reason) AWOL at the moment, and not necessarily avoiding you. That they were featured in a marketing email from Fiverr itself doesn’t really mean much other than it was (automatically? IDK) selected out of thousands.

Being featured in a marketing email is the worst. I was featured in the marketing email on another freelancing website once. I had, perhaps, 24 orders within the space of eight hours (whilst I was asleep). I offered one day delivery on this particular project (the price is about 7x the price of my Fiverr gig), and everybody expected to receive their content within a day. Before that point, i had not had a single order on that site for almost 7 months. Took me by surprise.

So, I am guessing that is what happened with this seller. He got featured, and ended up with far too many orders in a short span of time with zero way to control them, perhaps because he was asleep.