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Bad seller who lied, didn't deliver, and exploited my inexperience

I purchased a gig from a seller, who was offering to get many people to click my affiliate link. However, I made a mistake, and no clicks were going through, so I asked the seller If I could correct the error, and they agreed to redo the gig. They then asked for feedback, so me being under the assumption they they would follow through on their promise, I left 5 star feedback, because I trusted them to do what they said they will. This is where the trouble started. I waited, and received no clicks. I asked about it, and the seller told me to wait. I waited more, and still no clicks. I asked the seller for proof that they had redone the gig, and they agreed, so I waited for the proof to be posted, but it didnt happen, so I asked about it, and they said they will do it. So I waited, and still got no proof, despite having that promised. I think that the seller lied, and did not redo the gig like agreed. The seller continued to give unhelpful answers to my questions, such as ‘ok’, in an attempt to push me past the 14 day refund period. I asked for a refund, and they said they would do it, so they told me to go to a certain section of the site, which i couldn’t find, so I asked how to get there, and the seller listed one single step, so I did that, and asked the seller to tell me the next step to get the refund, but they simply responded ‘ok’. I was getting nowhere. Due to the seller’s incompetence to answer simple questions, and following through with promises, I am now past the time period in which I can get a refund, which I didn’t even know about, as I am new to the site. I believe the seller exploited my lack of experience of the site, and deliberately delayed responses. Many responses from the seller were very late, despite them being marked as ‘online’. This was all part of the plan to delay things, to get past that refund period. I have paid this seller money, and have received nothing but trouble from it. And they even fooled me into leaving feedback. They told me to do it quickly, so that they could fool me around even more, after posting the good feedback.

Here is a screenshot of one of many unhelpful responses:

You can get in touch with customer support and provide screenshots. If you can show them that the seller promised work in exchange for positive feedback and didn’t deliver you should be able to get a full refund. I am sorry this has happended to you and wish you best of luck in getting this resolved.

If you hired someone to give lots of affiliate clicks I am puzzled because a million clicks may result in zero sales from your link. Why even do this?

Also, to make a mistake in the link so that no clicks go through it not the sellers fault.
If you wanted him to do the work twice, then you should have paid twice.

He should have told you this instead of playing games so in that way he was at fault but really, it would have been good to know you had the right link before hiring someone to do this.

I’m not sure what the reason for directing you to the setting section was and yes he indeed lied to you about that.