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Bad seller!

Where can i complain about a bad seller how has bad customers service needed to provide 5 revisions but only reply to 2 of my revisions. . On the 3rd time he simply waned to cancel the order completely …
Unwilling to even have any further discussion about it via txt.

Hi, If he wants to cancel the order then maybe he is impatient. I’d Suggest that you cancel the order because the funds will be refunded to you if the order is Cancelled. Hope this helps.

It’s up to a seller how many revisions they decide to provide you with and I am guessing that your seller advertises in their gig description that they provide 1 or 2 revisions per order. (I say that as 5 is a very unusual amount).

If this was the case, sellers are not obliged unlimited revisions to anyone and it looks like your seller felt that they would be unable to meet your expectations even if they did carry on revising your work. The best course of action when this happens is to seek cancellation so that buyers like yourself can have your money refunded.

All the above having happened, I would say that your seller has actually worked as professionally as me and most other Fiverr sellers.

Hello, you can go to the section of the forum called The Ranting Pot to complain.

Did you pay $5 for it? Did the seller offer 5 revisions in his gig?

Any problems you are not able to settle with a seller, please direct it to Customer Support.