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Bad Sellers - Comment Here

I have noticed that there are always complaints by people who are upset about bad sellers. They say there are too many and that it makes competition too high for the good sellers. I noticed that the bad sellers never seem to say a word, they are so quiet and meek and potentially could inherit the freelancerverse.

I SAY - BAD SELLERS UNITE! Please make your complaints here about all the horrible competition that WE receive from these gardenia-dip good sellers!!

Yes, irony may be missed, poor dry wit may be unappreciated. I stand by this post for at least 17 minutes anyway.


Happy Memorial Day @fonthaunt BTW!

See those good sellers - they’re just so, how can I put it? So good at everything. Gosh, I’d love to be one of those good sellers, but I know it’ll never happen.

Bad sellers - join me, and know thy place! :sunny:


Happy Memorial Day to you, offlinehelpers, even though you have the indecency to be Scottish! I put up our flag this morning since we have so many living and passed service members in my family, but the wind nearly knocked me off the ladder. (It was probably because I come from Scottish ancestors.) We nearly opened up a spot for another bad seller, but think how funny my tombstone could have been?

“We memorialize her for remembering Memorial Day. To her memory every Memorial Day forthwith.”

Bah, being a bad seller, I am not as good as this word game as @eoinfinnegan. Maybe he can come up with an even better epitaph. In the meantime, thank you for joining our ranks! I almost became a good seller once. Fiverr made a policy that would have secretly put me in that category, but they changed the policy the day before I would have secretly qualified. :smiley:




Bad Sailors :sailboat: on Fiverr? Say What?! :astonished:

Um, Maddie, you must be talking about this lot. :small_red_triangle_down: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Bad Sailors Unite :thinking:. I think they need a cool forum badge or something.
Maybe @deivys20071 can create something. :smiley:


I appreciate your suggestion that I must be a good seller - unfortunately, The Gospel According to St. Fiverr suggests otherwise or I would not keep getting a message saying my 2-hour response time should be improved upon…

Anyway, do you have tips on becoming a TRBS?
Can u hlp mih cunsel mi sells like Pro Bad Seller?

Note: Fonthaunt is already a Top Rated BSer but the acronym above is for Top Rated Bad Seller


Bad Spellers UNTIE!


I don’t know you, think_big, but so far I really like you. :laughing:


Aimlessly aiming to be the best bad seller ever so I can be awarded the official ribbon of the worstest.


Good luck (or is it bad luck?) with your high low goals! :ribbon:


We unite for God so love (i’m talking to St’ Fiverr) :rofl: :crazy_face: if there is Bad Sellers there would be Bad Buyer :scream:

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and Bad Moderator :rofl::crazy_face: :eyes:

Nah, I think I’m better as a Moderator than as a seller. I’m a pretty good buyer too, though I’m cautious about my purchases. There is no need to get personal, you know. :slight_smile:


…lolZ :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Did anyone call me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, it was the “good sellers” that gave me bad advice last week. They old me to increase my prices, that Higher Price = Higher Quality, so I did, and my sales died for days.

Yesterday I went back to $10/$20/$30, and immediately I got a message from a buyer that was interested in buying. As soon as I answered his question, I asked him, “if my prices were $50/$75/$100 instead of $10/$20/$30, would you have bothered to message me?” He said he wouldn’t have.

Suffice to say, take the advice you get with a grain of salt. Sometimes what works for other people doesn’t work for you. Some of these “good sellers” are really good at marketing their gigs on social media and don’t really need to compete on the basis of price. I on the other hand, suck at social media, so if my competitors aren’t charging more than $20 (in the first row), I can’t charge $25/$50, etc, and expect to get orders.

Also, the only “bad sellers” are the ones that don’t know how to do the job. Like someone who uses a logo generator to “design” logos, that would be a bad seller in my opinion. A good seller would use Adobe Illustrator and create designs from scratch.


What did you expect him to say?
You should be asking this from a high paying customer. If sellers who are used to paying $100+ for a brand name tell you that your service is worth $10 then maybe there’s no point climbing up.

However, I think you should have waited for the right client. You got scared and that’s why you’re at the same place you were a week ago.

The problem is that after 5 years you’re still competing with sellers charging $20.
A lot of us start from the bottom, but over time when we gain more experience and increase our service value, we stop competing with $20 gigs. We get to the next level and start competing with $100, $500, $1K gigs.

Anyway, if you’re happy with the price range then stick to it. As you said it yourself, what works for us might not work for you.

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The truth, what else? Why would he lie to me? He gets no benefit from lying because I’m not going to change my prices either way.

I don’t think sellers are used to paying that. For every brand name seller that charges $50 or more, I see plenty who charge $5, $10, $20, and some of them are getting a ton of orders.

I need orders every freaking day, not once a week. Making $50 a week is garbage, I can’t live on that! I need to make $50 a day to be happy, then I can make $1,500 like I did in the good old days.

Well, I don’t think Fiverr experience matters. I have 10+ years of experience working in advertising, outside of Fiverr, there are others with 20+ years of experience. Even when I was a Top Rated Seller, I wasn’t charging $50/$100 because TRS status alone doesn’t deliver sales, the only thing TRS status delivers is less competition because there are buyers who only buy from TRS.

My point is that for many people, Fiverr is just a hobby. “Oh, I’m gonna charge $100 and I’m not gonna care if I’m only getting one order a month.”

For them, Fiverr is all fun and games. For me, Fiverr is a LIVING. I got nothing else but Fiverr right now.


I’m a bad(ass) seller

I can see there’s no use responding. I’ll get back to my projects.

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