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Bad sellers folder

over the years i’ve had sellers not delivered what was advertised, some do not even deliver, am sick and tired of checking later only to find out nothing was done, i wish fiverr has an area in your account where you can put all the bad sellers in so you don’t waste your time with them again when searching for new gigs


You could just keep a note yourself - paper and pencil even! :slightly_smiling_face:


pen and paper only last for a few days, when you forget link and are searching for other gigs, sometimes same sellers have other gigs with different wordings, it would be helpful if fiverr have a way for users to block others

To combat this issue I created a new label in my inbox (Don’t Touch with a 10ft Pole) color-coded in red and created for Sellers… I would never like to work with again. It’s tucked away in their own folder and easy to not forget the names, if I do all I gotta do is click on that folder.


that’s great, i didn’t know that was possible, how do i do that?

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Five fingers are not equal. You must choose wisely. :blush:


i try to, but some times i get it wrong

If you’re still seeing the old inbox setup.

Login your Inbox

On the left hand side, you’ll see + New Label.


Create a new label and color-code it to your liking.

Click on the message of the Seller at the very top you’ll see these icons. :small_red_triangle_down: Your newly created label will be shown. Check the box and click apply.

The Seller(s)will be toss into that folder and hidden. You can always click on that folder to refresh your memory.

Fiverr is implementing a new Inbox experience. Learn more abouthere.

Watch the video.

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thanks for the info, i just double checked, but am afraid i don’t have that option :’(

thanks for thia info nikavoice