Bad sellers list


i want to warn anyone here from buying gigs from fragglesrock

he is worst seller i ever met here.

i ordered his gig 15k youtube video views.

after 10 days he order gig as complited. how many views was added? 0!!!

i want to cancel. HE REFUSED TO CANCEL.


ive got all proof if anyone ask.

Fiverr admins dont answer me, still dont get money back . A WEEK AFTER first cancelation.

DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM HiM. is just stealing money with fiverr admins help. Any single answer from fiverr.

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I am not sure how he is level 2 based on his reviews and cancelation ratio


This is bad news.He must be back your money.There some seller who are greedy.But Don’t loose trust on fiverr.You should again contact fiverr authority with proof. I think they would be help you.




I feel like sellers who cancel without any provided reason should also receive a negative point to their rep. Fragglesrock recently did this after agreeing to take on a project.

I have no issue with cancellations, but a reason should always be provided by either party.

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Customer service will give you your money back. Just show them all communications you have had with him and any proof you have that he did not deliver your order.


Huh, did you researched about him before placing the order.

If he is such a defamous guy, you could have got him earlier.

Anyways, try to develop a routine of researching and identifying the right seller before you place the order.

May you get you money back soon!

  • Vijay


Fiverr support will reply to you in about 48 so take that in mind before posting here, they can help. If they did not. Then its not the end of the world…


Relax,CS will give you your 5$ back :slight_smile: They always do.


How do you know he did not give a reason? When a seller requests a cancellation there is a block where he has to type in the reason for cancellation. I found out that there is a bug and even though I give reason, it is not sent to buyer? That isn’t the seller’s fault, but a bug on fiverr.


Reply to @steveeyes: Try explaining that to the buyer :)) … It’s useless


Nobody likes dishonest person.

Hope you will get your money back soon.

I don’t trust the gig ‘‘15 k youtube views’’. Because without software, it is not possible. So, these views are not real.


I think Fiver need to have a system where by you can review orders even when they’ve been cancelled because sometimes the order is cancelled because the service is poor or because the buyer is being unreasonable. FRAGGLESROCK accepted my order and then two thirds of the way through said he would only provide half the number I originally ordered and now has cancelled because he wants to supply a quarter of the original number. It’s not good enough. I know I will get Sheriff’s Note but Fivver need to provide a system where you can say why orders have been cancelled!

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You are welcome to send your suggestion to Fiverr Customer Support.


To add on to the comments and just for feedback, this seller (fragglesrock) initially told me her gig was only for normal blog articles and not product reviews when I provided her keywords for product reviews. When I told her I will give her normal blog articles to write about, she says it’s ok, she has already gone ahead to write those product reviews. I thought that was excellent, until… oh-oh, read on!

  1. She called herself an expert SEO writer and said she will write SEO optimized articles only, but does not even know what is Yoast SEO. For e.g. she wrote a longer than normal headline of 82 characters!, there is no h2 title, etc… (PM me for her original samples if you like).

  2. She brags that she has a BA in English, but does not even write in proper, grammatically correct sentences. Maybe she outsources her work to someone else? I don’t know.

  3. I asked for amendments & she complained that I am asking for too much, and said I installed ‘nonsense plugin’ on my website and that was why I got those amendments. You mean, none of your customers use SEO plugins to check your writing, seriously?

  4. I copied and pasted our full conversation for Fiverr and got my money back. I had to totally throw out her writing and rewrite my own.

  5. I also feedback to Fiverr that some sellers here are really overselling themselves. I am not asking for a lot, just SEO optimized articles as per what she advertises. Is it that difficult if you are an ‘SEO expert’?

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there is another scammer i want to add here. be carefull about him


He ordered bot from me.

after 2 days he want me to cancel, claiming is not working. i know is work, so i offered free online setup. he refused telling that he will give me bad review. so he has a bot for free. its not first “buyer” getting programs for free. i think fiverr should help sellers in cases like this. im not gonna give my work for free for scammers. have u got expirience like that? maybe we should create big bad buyers list and send it to fiverr?

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Reply to @kjblynx:

and who are u? maybe one of fiverr staff which doesnt answer any questions or sending copy/paste messages? fiverr support does not work at all. thats the only place to warn other people.

i asked why my gig is active and approved but not visible to the others. no answer. i will get one after month. it will be blablabla blablabla.

Selling here programms i made in my own is against the rules.

there is a perfect place to sending photos of my feet or holding signs beeing fragglesrock. thats not interfering fiverr rules.

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If you hate everything about Fiverr and you can’t abide by the minimal amount of rules (such as no name dropping on the forum) then WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE! You do realize the constantly talking about “fragglesrock” accomplishes nothing right?


ok, sorry. but, listen, im not anony,ous here. im using my own photo. i take responsibility about what am saying. this guy just grab my work for free. and probably i am not first one. but if i can worn even one seller is good on me. any one has right brake rules if its wrong.

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You are angry about buyers. You are angry about sellers. Why are you here? The things you sell are all part of the same dishonest system of selling fake things to make it look like your social media junk is more popular than it really is, or trying to find ways to beat the social media site’s attempts to find out about fake traffic/followers/likes. No wonder the people who buy and sell these things just keep trying to scam each other: it’s all they know how to do!


Warning for the seller fragglesrock. The person calls himself Fragglesrock. He does not deliver.

Otherwise Fiverr is the best thing you can find on the net. So many nice hardworking people/sellers out there. Winsome work! Thanks to all :slight_smile:

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Bad sellers waste buyers time and effort because allows it making a safe haven for scammers. No teeth, No lesson.

When you get refund of the money back for canceled orders, buyers lose time and effort due to unresponsive, irresponsible, and deceptive Bad sellers.

I have three cancellations in a row by three different sellers. I have advised these sellers prior to ordering the following:

[Code]if you commit to delivering (gig detail ) for $amount in X days after order is placed then go ahead and create custom order clearly indicating X days. when you complete job, I will provide you accurate review.

If you think you will waste my time, please do not proceed. If you commit and fail to deliver, I will report bad experience to fiverr Trust & Safety. It is your call[/code]