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Bad selling experience

Hello, I’m a new seller joined a few months ago.

All my customers were super nice and they all tipped me generously, I was excited until the last request I received.
A customer requested some pixel art from a new gig, and naturally the gig was 5 usd to attract my first customer. But what he requested was alot more work than what’s described on my gig yet I accepted because I needed that rating.

Keep in mind that I made sure he knows what a large request he’s asking, anyway he told me that he really need it today and it’s important, so I let go of everything I was doing and gave him priority.
After a good few hours he didn’t like it and requested a revision. Again even more hours he accepted it and marked it done.
The next day he messaged me saying that his client didn’t like it, he was looking for more details and a more 3d look into it. I was angry because not only he’s requesting more for too cheap, but he wants it fully rendered and perfectly polished! He’s talking about even more hours into this…
He said that if I completed it I’ll recieve a 5 usd tip on the gig and a good review. So I accepted

After a few hours he asked for his design, I didn’t answer until I finished it. When I did he said this is not what he’s looking for and requested the full quality for download.
I ended up telling him that I’m no longer the one for the job and apologized.
Later at night I received another message from him asking for a quick 5 min job, but by then I was really sad and tired so I denied it without knowing what kind of job he wants.

I’ve been doing commissions for years now outside this site, but this is my first time feeling used and overworked…


Sorry this happened to you. It isn’t surprising.

Never, ever continue work with someone who wants more than what is included. Yes, cancellations aren’t ideal, but it isn’t worth wasting your time and abusing your dignity like this either. Just cancel and block.

Buyers who try to exploit you will always continue exploiting you. It is needless stress and time you could be spending doing things that actually pay.

If you let people exploit you to try to avoid bad ratings, you will be unhappy and unsuccessful.


Thanks, I knew his requests weren’t natural. I think he wanted to use his 5 USD as much as he can.

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Probably. There are so many ruthless buyers. We have to keep our guard up and stand firm.


He was obviously reselling your work and that’s never a good idea to work with someone who wants it cheap and at the same time being a middle man. And you never know what client on that end needs and it’s not your fault that the person who ordered from you didn’t communicate with both of you properly from the beginning


True! Especially when I did follow his request exactly, then his revesion required something completely different from his description…

One think I learned is never to down sale yourself. One way or another you have to satisfy your customer with the work, meet their requirements even it means extra work which you didn’t think you will need to do.


Never do stuff for free.


They have 5 star ratings which is strange, I’ve marked him anyway as a “never again” customer


Great advice.

On Fiverr I have done many orders for people whose clients need social media content, but because this isn’t resale, I have autonomy in the jobs and I decide the price. In resale it’s different, as you say. Those people aren’t helping their clients. They’re just trying to get a profit margin and that inevitably involves them trying to underpay you to widen that margin.


The right thing to do.

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