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BAD Service from Fiverr

I worked with a seller to develop software for me after 3 months I got Zero from the seller although I paid the seller based on time milestones while no result. Since I was invested and didn’t want to lose my money I agree to pay.
After 3 months I have no code or software, when I contacted Fiverr support they abdicate their duty to investigate the incident.
Although it can be seen in the system that no product or code was provided they still claim that this is my problem that I did not receive any product and approved.
To silence me they are willing to give me credit in the account.
Has anyone else encountered such a phenomenon that a product was not provided and still paid for?
Very bad service, I’m sure I will not use Fiverr in future.


You did not want to lose money so you paid?

That is not how the system works.
Unfortunately, just like any market, Fiverr market has fraudulent sellers and scammers and some that promise to deliver and they can not.

You had the bad luck of selecting a seller that is not capable of delivering, for this reason, buyers are guided to select experienced sellers with a good record and also have test orders with smaller money risk to see if the seller matching to your needs.

It is very strange to hear Fiverr is not returning your money because usually, buyers get money even if they are lying that they did not receive the delivery.

Almost every regular buyer on Fiverr experienced this. You cant always pick a good seller. I lost 400$ appr. as the buyer to dead-end deliveries of nothing useful.

Now as a seller my eyes are open and I know that if I want something I would either have to pay more than people are willing when using Fiverr, or get local companies to do it.

But, locally the prices are 600% more than Fiverr so…

And they are right on this, you should not approve if you did not get anything.

Keep asking and send screenshots.

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So fiverr support is giving you money back?
Then I’m not sure why this post that fiverr didn’t support you :thinking:


Bad decision.

As per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, refunds are not automatically sent to your payment provider, they’re given to you as credit to spend on other sellers. If you wish for the money to be sent back to your payment provider, you need to ask Customer Support to do it.

Fiverr can’t force the seller to do the work, all they can do is cancel the order and refund you, which is what they did.


Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Refund to your payment provider).


Sorry friend but it is. The site is full of frauds, the confirmation mechanics are in place for a reason.

Not to silence you, to compensate you.

I get your frustration, I would be frustrated as well, but you got yourself in to the situation, try to make the best out of it now…

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It’s pity to hear that Fiverr is not liable even if it’s clearly seen in the platform that there is NO delivery, the seller must provide the goods/products via the platform right? there is no such, so or Fiverr has bad backup, or hacked, or someone stole my seller’s goods :slight_smile: right?

Yep, not using Fiverr

If there is no delivery people normally do not pay and accept.

There are some services where there is nothing physical to deliver as result of the service provided.

Keep in mind that Fiverr is budget friendly. Even with losing 400$+ it is still budget friendly because some things you would pay ×4 times the price in “normal” world.

Your biggest lost here is time.


The lost is money, time , angry customers (mine) and an idea that the seller might use or do with it something, right?


Fiverr is a marketplace, nothing else. Only the vendors are responsible for delivering the work, no one else. Fiverr can merely assist in settling disputes, and your refund is actually a remarkable result.

You were at fault the moment you said “yes the seller delivered the goods and I am accepting the delivery”, - you could have requested any proof or partial delivery at least.

At that point, you told Fiverr that you have received the service,

Again sorry about the time you wasted and the bad experience, but this one was on you, you need to be more careful with whom you work with.

Only your time really, and sure, someone else might have lost you as an potential customer, but that is a bit of a long shot.

And in case you have had an exciting new idea for an app, I am sure you would have had the seller sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect yourself, otherwise you just gave him a great new idea… - EDIT: not needed

But since he has not delivered I would not be to concerned that he actually knows what he is doing :slight_smile:

There’s actually a confidentiality clause within Fiverr’s Terms of Service, so having a seller sign an NDA is not required if the seller doesn’t want to violate Fiverr’s own conditions and risk account warnings and termination.


Ha, now that could have saved me from signing quite a few NDAs hahaha
Thank you @enunciator that is very useful information!

@tamirsteinberg Well at least you are covered on that front! :slight_smile:

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I referenced it just last night when someone wanted me to sign an NDA. :smile:

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As a translator working on contracts… you can imagine hahaha
Love your cowboy gig BTW :smiley:

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