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Bad Service! How can I refund or cancel the order if the seller did what I don't really need?

I’m very angry that the seller said he can provide 1000 Hong Kong people’s like for my facebook page but eventually all the likes didn’t come from Hong Kong people. Then I ask him to refund or do some modification. But he NEVER replies me. and once the time goes by, the transaction automatically completed. I’ve tried to contact him but he NEVER replies me. I’ve also submitted a request to fiverr customer support but they didn’t reply me. I’ve never seem such bad service before. Can anyone tell me what I can do?..Thanks a lot…


You could have hit the Request modification button or could ask for a mutual cancellation…

Give Support a few days to respond @gutzzi

@guttzi You’re best bet is to NOT buy likes or followers. That is breaking the Terms of Service of most social media websites, such as Facebook and YouTube, and can lead to getting your account banned. By buying likes, you’re trying to cheat the system by artificially inflating your statistics; is it any surprise that most sellers of likes are also cheaters?