Bad start at fiverr


Hello everyone,

I have heard a lot about the fiverr and want to do good here but my very first experience with some Indian Buyer become so bad that i am now not been able to apply for buyers request…

I have provide whatever he said with three samples and source file without charging extra and now after accepting the order, he put the reviews which is not at all good and now i am not been able to apply for the next order at buyers request as well…I thought he would have done that purposely…as he was too a seller and new also…

I contacted to customer support about this but as there rules and policies they were unable to help me out with this…

I Want to ask that can a seller work be judges by just one single buyer who even don’t know what he actually wants ? Does the CS here support only the Buyers here and not the seller…One buyer gave me 4.3 rating and after whole my efforts only i am the one who is facing such a conflicts and cant help it…

Don you think the order rating must be calculated by certain number of orders and there average ratings…Just one order and my rating goes to below 90%…How does that help to evolve…

Want to hear all your your views about this.


You only have one review, and it’s a 4.5 star review. That is actually a very good review. The reason you cannot post offers in the Buyer’s Request section is because of mathematics. You have one review. Without any averaged reviews, your entire seller rating is based on that one review. To earn a better review, you need to deliver more orders that garner great reviews.

Be patient. You just started on Fiverr. You need to earn a reputation in order to succeed here. Be willing to work for that reputation.


Yes …i want to succeed but if i am not been able to apply for buyer’s request…how will i get orders and how can i improve my ratings?


You will receive an order when someone visits your gig page, and clicks the purchase button. If you wish to help more people find your gig (and hopefully purchase your service), you can also market your gig wherever your customers are located.

You need to take responsibility for the success of your own gigs. Don’t sit back and expect other people to make you successful. Get out there and market your gigs. And when you do receive orders, make sure that you deliver work worth of a great review.


thnx for the suggesion sir…


Try it you will be able to take order.


Don’t worry. I’ve seen your profile and only one review is going to do nothing wrong with you. And 4.5 star is a good rating.


Start marketing your gig at external digital marketing websites as well as here. It’s, all about awareness to you & your gig & in order to get awareness you got to spread the word as much as possible. If you have a site that can also help since you can insert your fiverr badge in it & let people go from the website directly to your gig within Fiverr.

Never stop marketing yourself: in emails, in articles, some banners, on mobile site, on sms, and on whatever publicity channel you have access to.


Amazing Tips adwordsadvisor, will helpful for me too


Yes i am…thankyou


Thankyou…but i am just waiting for my next order now…


yes…its helpful…Thankyou …will do that…