Bad Time on Fiverr


Hello there,
I’m a level 1 seller here on Fiverr, i started from a few months ago and I used to have some daily orders!
For the past week, the orders have significantly dropped!
Am just wondering if I’m the only one facing this problem?
I’ve read somewhere here in the Forum that there is those calm month here on Fiverr where the number of orders get less and less, any Ideas about that?
( And yes for the ones who will reply with: update your gig images, your Tags… i’ve done that, but no results at all)


I’m new here on Fiverr!
Can anyone list those “calm month” ?


I know at least one seller who put on vacation mode because he has tons of orders.

I’m pretty sure he’s trying to catch his breath before taking more.

Slow or not, depends on types of gigs you offer, needs of buyers, and your reputation on 5r!

I don’t know what you offer, but hope it’ll turn around for you soon. :slight_smile:


@gina_riley2 Thank you for your reply!
I do Logo Design, i hope everything will be back to order soon.


Every month is not the same.
keep up the good work. best of luck.