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Bad to Great experience! My client helped me a lot!

Hi guys! I just wanted to share my experience here on Fiverr. I didn’t think that my bad experience at first made me happy and had a great experience being an Online Freelancer especially here at Fiverr. I started here at Fiverr last September 2019 and I have already nine (9) projects completed and currently two (2) active ongoing projects, and with each client, I have worked with and served not only have I helped them and given them they wanted me to do for it, but the truth is they have been a huge help to me because with every project I have done with them I have learned so much from them that I have never done in my entire life before and I wish I could learn more and more here on Fiverr someday.


Hi Joshua, thanks for sharing your experience and I am looking forward to have the same opportunities.

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